Galfar had increased its collection and follow up efforts

Galfar is
an engineering company which is involved in contracting. In sultanate of Oman,
It is the biggest contracting business.

– It is the most largest and reputated company
in Sultanate.
Every business whether it is small or large do face some or other crisis.
– There are negative and positive effects of conflict.
Personal issues and feelings leads to negative consequences, It promotes
negative behaviors amongst the workers and reduces co operations.
 Positive effects are it may result in
better decisions in the future, it improves communication skills between the
managers and the workers.
– There is no agreement between the contractor and the planners and these
parties are expected to work together and have good relations with each other
to achieve the project’s goals and objectives. While managing with the safety
problems these can be particularly challenging.

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– Galfar company had faced problems in operations in the year 2014. Being a
construction firm they have a complex supply of network with many individuals
involved to carry out work.
– The company in Sultanate of Oman keeps up its position as one of the main
contracting organization.
– Once while in the process of collecting their maturing receivables they had
been confronting procedural limitations.
– As a result the company’s period of collection had increased from 200 days to
260 days. This led to an increased premium cost and bank borrowing for the
– The company had expected to see changes by 2015 as a result they had
increased its collection and follow up efforts at all levels. One of the key of
this project was the element of time.
– Everyone included in this project basically made a guarantee to perform their
part of work in such a way that to meet the requirements of project time.
– This conflict was resolved by the collaboration style while the decisions in
the operations were to be made fast they also looked into the needs and
understanding of the people involved. As the Galfar company is competitive they
took a firm stand and bought changes in their operations and saw positive
changes by 2015.