From the process of research with their ancient art

From the cape of Cameron all the way extending beyond the Himalayas, We have
cure for all ailments that came into light. We very often hear that cure for
cancer is there in our ancient treatment but due to domination of western
medical treatments, we still think it as myth. When it comes to competition,
Chinese have never failed to prove themselves, they are in the process of
research with their ancient art of calligrapher’s ink has got something to do
to cure cancer.

Throughout the world, ten million new cases are
diagnosed annually and the number may bob up to 20 million by 2020.  In a
country of roughly 300 million people we are expecting more than 100 million
new cancer cases! In the face of such numbers, it is not surprising that there
is widespread interest in the topic of cancer biology. In the view of evolutionary studies, cancers
go through the vital process of “birth, growth, development, aged and death”
with the function of “ascending, descending, entering and exiting”. Cancer has
the life attributes. Chinese pharmacologist, Youyou Tu was bestowed
with Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Artemisinin, The anti-malarial
drug which he developed saved many lives, was rooted in ancient herbal medicine.
It has exposed traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to the global research
community. They are trying to extract a lot more therapeutic agents from TCM,
serves as a rich source of potential leads for drug development. As it relies
on natural products, Many Asian countries incorporated TCM in Health care
system .TCM not only plays a significant role in preventing and curing diseases, including cancer but
also guides the modern technology. In order to fairly maintain quality of
cancer patient life, It is stated in the Huangdi’s Canon of Medicine that “When lethal treatments were
adopted, they should be discontinued when six-tenths of the disease is
eliminated; When treatments with moderate toxicity were chosen, they should be
stopped when seven-tenths of the disease is eliminated; When treatments with
mild toxicity were using, they should be discontinued when eight-tenths of the
disease is eliminated; Even if using non-toxic treatments, they should be
terminated when nine-tenths of the disease is wiped out … If the efficacy is
below our expectation, we could repeat the treatments; But if go beyond the
extent, healthy qi will be damaged and it will not be beneficial or even do
harms to the repair capability of the body”, which underlines the end point of
treatment, or “stop interventions when half of the disorder is gone”. This
statement clearly points out the general principle of Chinese medicine

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