From need; and/or they cannot identify their training needs.

From the study, it was clear that employees who
received support from eLearning initiatives were aware of eLearning trends, they
had ready access to eLearning tools, and had technical skills to use eLearning,

enhanced there career opportunities and
advancements from eLearning experiences. Some employees do believed that their company leaders continued to invest in eLearning
and that eLearning is an effective tool for
training and development. However, employees continue to face difficulties when
using eLearning. McCullough (2005) and Reich & Scheuermann (2003) stated
some challenges of eLearning: managers are too busy, unaware or disinterested
in eLearning; lack of appropriate infrastructure; they cannot justify the need;
and/or they cannot identify their training needs. The lack of formalized
training programs caused employees to have eLearning difficulties as reported
in these studies (McCullough, 2005; Reich & Schumermann, 2003). Therefore,
organizations should take out time to come up with better solutions and formalized
structured training for any eLearning initiative or technology implementation.

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