From have had a profound impact on our society,

the very first mechanical calculator to our modern day smartphones and laptops,
there occurred many life-changing events that man has never foreseen. These
breakthroughs have had a profound impact on our society, encouraging many individuals
to opt engineering as a career path. As a 90’s kid, I was exposed to all these
technological advancements at every level. The quest for understanding how
things work made me inclined towards sciences and mathematics. Throughout my high
school years, not only was I the top performer in my grade but also was the
head of mathematics and sports clubs. Alongside my passion, strong logical and
analytical abilities have inspired me to pursue Engineering. After my high school,
I could secure an admission to Electrical and Electronics engineering
department at the prestigious, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering,


a part of coursework in my undergraduate studies, I came across C programming
and Data Structures. I was intrigued by how a simple logically built program
could control a complex network. With this new found inspiration, I collaborated
with a couple of friends and worked on building a beta level software called C GLANCE. The main idea behind
initiating this software is to make learning C language easy which can be used
by students and other individuals who are trying to master C. This step turned
out to be a major start in developing an interest in coding. I have given
presentations on this concept at several undergraduate universities. Seeing
this as a good platform, I started learning and practicing programming under
the guidance of my professor. Along with developing my coding skills, I also
paid extra attention to the coursework at the hand and was one of the toppers
in my branch. I participated in and organized several technical workshops. Not
confining myself to studies alone, I was one of the key players in my college
soccer team and won many tournaments.

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four year course work exposed me to a wide range of computer courses but to
bridge the gap between classroom taught theory and the real word, I along with
few other friends having the same interest and passion formed a team called ToDevs (Team of Developers). I have
been working as a front-end developer in this organization. I am closely
associated with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
and JavaScript in designing a website and web applications. is the first project that we
started working on. The main ideology behind College Mate is to bridge
the gap between students and companies. It gives a platform for students to
interact with faculty and alumni, gives opportunities for them to land up in
internships in startups and ask questions related to technical and career
related affairs. We have been conducting workshops and seminars in several
undergraduate institutions in support of this application. Another practical
hands-on experience that helped me recognize my knack for programming skills
was when I worked for
in designing their website for a period of about 6 months.


In my 5th semester of undergraduate studies, I
got placed in the most renowned company NTT
DATA. I have been working for almost two and a half years on real time
project like TIAA (Financial
Sector), which gave me a solid knowledge about many technologies. I have
learned about functionalities of various applications existent in today’s



With all the work experience and good academic standing in
undergraduate studies, I wish to broaden my horizon in existing as well as
upcoming technologies and gain more exposure to practical level methodologies.
Flexibility, Strong Communication, and analytical skills have groomed me in
handling any complicated situation with ease and confidence. I intend to pursue
a course that not only amplifies my knowledge, but also facilitates a strong
infrastructure in graduate research program.


hunger to learn has further inspired me in pursuing Masters Program for the
term Fall ’18 in your venerated university. International education will give
me the required disciple and potential to meet global market. After my research
on several graduate websites, I have realized that this graduate program aligns
with my area of interest and aspirations. I strongly believe that a Master’s
Degree from your Esteemed University will be a turning point in shaping my future.
I am excited to be a part of your graduate school and contribute the highest
quality of work to its research programs. In lieu of my prior track record, I hope
you share my confidence that I will be an asset to your prominent graduate
studies and favorably consider my application.