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 Freud stated that the mind was comprised of the conscious, the preconscious and the unconscious. The conscious would be the system containing all of the knowledge and information we are aware of, as well as all of our conscious thought. This would be the only system in our mind that we are in full control of. As well as storing all of our awareness, the conscious also has the capability to assess situations- and trigger a reaction, whilst also deciding whether they belong in the irrational unconscious, or the preconscious. For this reason, it is labelled at the tip of the iceberg- above the water; due to it being visible and available- unlike the preconscious and the unconscious. 

The preconscious would contain all of the feelings that a person isn’t currently aware of- yet that can easily be brought to consciousness. To use a metaphor, the preconscious acts as a ‘mental waiting room’- to enter into the conscious. In this section, many memories that can be recalled easily and that are mild experiences are stored. For example, things such as a mobile number would be stored here. The thought of your own mobile number wouldn’t exist all the time in your conscious mind- yet when needed, your pre conscious allows you to recall it. For that reason, in the iceberg metaphor- the preconscious isn’t deeply submerged into the ocean; which is the memory- yet it is nearly at the surface- close to the conscious, and ready for recall.

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The unconscious is the source for all of the explicit thoughts , such as sexual or aggressive thoughts. It is the id- where the thoughts aren’t based on reality and rationalism- rather based on impracticality. The unconscious would be host to past memories and experiences- that may have been repressed by trauma, and almost forgotten. These memories- although forgotten, are the basis of our personality. They would be the a large part of the formation of our behaviour, habits and beliefs.