French not only months but years of being dehumanized,

French Revolution A revolution is when people work together to obtain something they want. The French revolution began when people living in a country fought in order to get their rights and happiness. All people want to is life in an equal society where everyone has rights and are not controlled. The greatest effect the revolution had was spreading their ideas around Europe. The French revolution led to the declaration of rights of man which to lead too much discussion and liberation around the issue of human rights.Because of not only months but years of being dehumanized, people fight against their government.”People in corrupt government finally have a boiling point in which they cannot take anymore dehumanization and decide to fight back”- “People have a revolution in order to fight for the rights and happiness”  this quote is another example for what people are fighting for. Massive crops failed which led to food shortage and massive mobs filling the streets of Paris. These mobs were mostly made of peasants who owned land, and had been given an improved standard of living and education,but wanted to get rid of the the remains of feudalism to acquire the full rights of landowners and increase their holdings. A bigger screen population demanded for more food and consumer goods. As gold mines were being discovered throughout Brazil it increased the prices throughout the west in 1730, causing economic situations. On June 12 as fear and violence rushed through the capital, the National Assembly continued at the Versailles. Parisians were panicking as rumors of a military group began to circulate. By July 14, rioters gained access to the Bastille fortress were weapons and gunpowder were secured. Many people consider this day as the begging of the French Revolution, and too others it seven a holiday. After many years of exploitation, peasants searched and burned the homes of tax collectors and landowners. On August 4, 1789- the Great Fear made the National Constituent Assembly to get rid of feudalism. On August 4, the assembly agreed upon the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen. This document had the Assembly commit to replace the regime with a system that gave equal rights , freedom of speech, authority and the right to vote. On September 3, 1791 France’s first written principles in which the king appointed veto power(the power or right vested in one branch of a government to cancel or postpone enactments) and the ability to appoint ministers. This agreement did not sit well with influential radicals, who began support for more republican form of government and Louis XVI( king of France from 1774 to 1792; his failure to grant reforms led to the French Revolution; he and his queen (Marie Antoinette) were guillotined (1754-1793)By April 1792, new elected Legislative Assembly declared war on Austria and Prussia, where it was believed that French politics were building associations to spread its revolutionary ideals across Europe through warfare. On August 10, 1792 insurgents following Jacobins infiltrated the royal residence in Paris and captured the king. The following month, waves of violence done by Parisian Rebels massacred hundreds of accused anti revolutionary people. On January 21, 1793, king Louis XVI was sentenced to death for betrayal and crimes done against the state, his wife Marie-Antoinette was killed 9 months later (1755-1793). After the King’s execution various ethnic wars broke out against European powers and different divisions in the national convention initiated the French Revolution into the most violent phase. In June 1793 the control of the National Convention was taken by Jacobins in which he added a new calendar and destruction of Christianity. Unleashing the reign of terror, for 10 months suspected enemies of revolution were beheaded. Robespierre which dominated the Committee of Public Safety gave out orders for many killings.  By July 28, 1794 Robespierre was executed. By November 9,1799 the leadership reached its point, Bonaparte took control of the government, getting rid of the Directory and putting himself as first consul. This is the day the French Revolution ended and Napoleonic era began, where in which led France to dominate most of Europe. A revolution is when a corrupt government dehumanizes their own people, and those people get tired of it and decide to fight back. A revolution consist of political actions of great masses of people and the replacement of those structures. The common elements of a revolution are time, a revolution needs a period of time to pass before it can occur. Motivation needs to increase and mature to start a revolution. The most important is a leader or leadership that inspires people and lead them to victory. The objectives or you’re reasons need to comply or relate to most people in order to increase the number of people joining you. Finally a revolution needs to be planned, without planning and preparation a revolution can be exploited by party or group that uses it to gain access to power.