Frank it had new style building structure. In 1887

Frank Lincoln Wright
or Frank Lloyd Wright was born on 8th of June, 1867 at Richland Center,
Wisconsin, U.S.A and died on 9th of April 1959 at Phoenix, Arizona. He was most
creative genius architect and writer in American. He created basic 20th century
for housing layout in American called “Prairie Style”.


Anna Lloyd-Jones was
Frank’s mother; she was a school teacher and got married to William C. Wright
when she was 24 years old while William was 41 years old. In 1869, Frank’s
family moved to Lowa then lived in Rhode Island and moved back to his mother
hometown in Wisconsin before he moved to Weymouth in Massachusetts. He got into
engineering major at the University of Wisconsin in Madison as a special
student for a short moment in 1885-86, but there weren’t have architecture
course. In order to help with family incomes and expenses, he has to work for
dean engineering, but he didn’t like the environment where it has commonplace
architecture around him. As a young man, he wished to go to Chicago, where it
had new style building structure.

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In 1887 he found a
job with J.L Silsbee in Chicago, where he got a chance to do architecture
detailing, and magnificent sketcher this inspired him to achieve ductile like
and telling accent. A bit later on, he found Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan
reward work in an architecture firm. Soon late, he became Sullivan’s assistant
and got married to Catherine Tobin in June 1889. He stopped working with
Sullivan and opened his own architectural practice. He had six children and 10
employee assistants for his company.


His first project was
a W.H. Winslow’s house, it was sufficient to get the notice of the most
outstanding planner in Chicago. Frank got invited by Daniel Burnham to go to
Europe in order to become designer for Burnham’s firm, but he was rejected.


Others new architects
that were in the same generation as Frank all did search in the same way of
architecture, which became recognised as Prairie School of architecture.

Prairie design was fulling-grown in 1900 when he was 33 years old that mainly
self-learning had become a leader. This school had been recognized for its to
go toward building a modern home. He had produced a large quality of materials
and equipment and mainly developed commercial building, however, they did not
do complex and detail work for bold, plain walls, roomy family living areas,
and perimeter heating below broad glazed areas. Within 10 years from 1900 to
1910, he built about 50 Prairie houses. His resident housing design was show as
wide with a low roof and a lot of windows around. For the interior, his
designed structure for most housing was to make main room flow together in
continuous space.


Frank started to
design apartment housing, group resident, and recreation department. His most
outstanding works were for enterprise and church. He designed Larkin Company’s
administration office, mail-order company in Buffalo, New York, was built in
1904 and got destroyed in 1950. His church design at Oak Park, Illinois, Unity
Temple, became a historic landmark in 1971. He built a small house of warship
with social centre achieved timeless monumentality with a small amount of
money. People had a meeting in the building that had a top-lit cube of space
that kept away the noise on the street. The Unity Temple made Larkin building
better in the uniformity structure and creative interior decoration that
highlight the space.


In 1909, Frank broke
up with his wife and got a new relationship with Mamah Cheney, which one of his
former customer’s wife. Within the same year, before he left to Europe in September,
he worked on his own accomudation new Spring Green in Wisconsin. While he was
in Europe, he had published two books in Germany. One book shows his drawings
and another one was smaller that’s show only photography record of his


Frank and Mamah
relationship stilled not improve because he couldn’t get a divorce. He got to
struggle with his careers from his relationship with Mamah that couldn’t
announce to the public.


Japanese began to
hired Frank to design the new hotel in Tokyo, that allowed the visitor to enjoy
and lived in Western style. The beginning of 1913, he and his girlfriend occupy
few months in Japan. The year after, he moved back to Chicago with a quick
construction of Midway Garden, they wanted to have open-air dinner, restaurants
and club. His building plan well balanced with luxury decoration. However, it
was crush before Midway Garden opened; Mamah, her children, and other four were
murder by a crazy houseman and the rest of the building were destroyed by fire.


Frank had one of his
most significant works in Tokyo and that’s The Imperial Hotel. It has the
resting area, entertainment area, and unprecedented construction. This hotel
was one of the big buildings that survive through floating and earthquake that
hits Tokyo in 1923. No one wonder that Frank was completely master of his art.

However, he still had to deal with difficulty in order to gain big project
because of his self-interested and unusual act and the bad things that got into
his personal life.


He took his way back
to California, where he found rich customers. He designed a complex house and
studio surrounded by the garden on the property call Olive Hill, for Aline
Barnsdall to build in 1920. These show as the Municipal Art Gallery in


Frank separate from
his wife Catherine later in late 1992. He also ended his connection with Miriam
Noel and Taliesin got damage again by lightning in 1925, so he rebuilt it
again. Frank met with Olgivana Hinzenberg, in 1924 and not too long after she
moved to stay with him permanently and got married in 1928. About the same
time, he had a bad problem with financial, which fall into a catastrophic
state. He had to sell an awesome collection of Japanese prints but that was not
enough to take out Taliesin from the bank. He started to write Autobiography
and series of article on architecture. Finally, some of his supporters gather
his works that show his ability, his belongings, and his bankrupt — that’s well
protected him. In 1929, he drew a studio tower from a concrete core, it has
been built in New York City. This was one of his best concepts.


In 1929, all
architecture works and activity in American had to end due to stock market
crash. Frank spent his time teaching in Chicago, New York City, and Princeton,
New Jersey. His first Autobiography book on urban problems “The Disappearing
City” was released in 1932. At the same time, he opened Taliesin community for
architecture education program and associated artists that stay in or manage
Taliesin. He has about 20 to 60 workers each year and some worked for decades.

During winter, he and his stuff drive to Arizona, where Taliesin was about to
be built. During this time, he came up with the systems that could be built for
cheap cost homes and he managed to build some over the year. It’s different
from Prairie houses that had flat-roofed with one ground position on heated
concrete base mat. Some of these were Frank best worked for examples the Jacobs
house (1937) in Westmorland, Wisconsin, close to Madison, and the Winkler-Goetsch
house (1939) at Okemos, Michigan.


Frank became head of
architect as the country economy has developed, he had two projects came to him
that he used a lot of skilled. The first one was close to Pittsburgh in the
Allegheny Mountains, it’s about weekend retreat theme. This Fallingwater
housing was built over a waterfall with a simple challenge that simulates wide
promote from 1936 to today. This probably his most proud work, it has been
given to the government to share to the public later. The other one was S.C.

Johnson administration office, wax manufacturers at Racine, Wisconsin. He put
top-lit space with obstruction forms and novel, tubular mushroom columns. It
was one of the most modern architecture gentle workrooms. These building showed
that he was a young designer that always came up with the new and unique idea.


Frank projects had
separate through many parts of the world in every kind of building. Florida
Southern College at Lakeland from 1940-1949 was one of his design for campus
buildings and also V.C. Morris Shop in 1948 in San Francisco was complete. Some
of his later designs were complete and incomplete, there are two big projects
that were standout which is Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Marin County
Government Center new San Francisco. The Guggenheim Museum was ordered at the
start of 1943 to the building that used to keep the abstract art. The project
started at the beginning of 1956 and it was done in 1959 after Frank’s passed
away. The museum has only one ground but used a bend ramp instead, his ideas
were on going area and this was one of his outstanding building. The Marin
country was the only his complete job for the administration and the only one
of his building that combines architecture, highway, and car together.


Frank was a creator
and productive architect. He designed about 800 buildings, 380 were built, and
280 still arrives. The way that he worked, he used decorative detail, dark warm
colours tone, and texture effects. He used of substance that assisted him to
control and balance his space dynamic, which opened up a new architecture style
to American. He became well-known in term of inventor and expounder of unique design.

His greatest achievements would be quality of his design and use of space.