Frank because I could die any minute” and then


Frank Carson

Intro to Poetry Writing

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Prof Bcieskowski


Poetry Response 2

The poem I chose
to respond to in this poetry response is Morgan Parker’s “All They
Want is My Money My Pussy My Blood.” This poem does a really good job of making
one very aware that one may never really understand what it really means to
have someones or anyone’s identity reduced to the color of their skin,
nationality, or religion. The writer of the poem starts with a line
that grabs your attention really well with the line “I am free with the
following conditions,” vastly cluing the reader of the poem in the center of
the poem.  I think that Parker wants us to think that this line plays with
the theory of USA being  “free”. That is
the way everyone has been taught to view the nation.  A lot of People can believe
what they want to believe. Most people can eat what they want to eat. Most
people can also walk where they want to walk. Not everyone in this country has
that luxury every day.  Then the piece goes on with a realization that is both scary
and very important. The author says in the poem “I do whatever I want because I
could die any minute” and then the other line “There’s far too many of me
dying.” The author probably included this in the poem because, the lines talk
about all the fears for a good majority of people of color in the United States
and in today’s world in general. I also think that Parker wrote this line because
of all the police injustice. Throughout the years there has been a lot of cops
abusing power and killing innocent African Americans. That is also a very hard
truth to handle for some people in todays society. Also, the author’s explanation of her past times as a tour
guide also adds another experience that I would never have understood on my
own.  “At school, they learned that Black people happened, I’m looking
into their Black faces”.  When the author
wrote this it really shocked me into thinking about how it’s not as simple as learning
a lot about Black history as people may think. I think parker is trying to
tell us in the poem that people don’t get taught about the history of African
Americans, we just brush over it in schooling systems, people also really hinder
them from gaining an important part of their real cultural identity.  At the end of the poem “All They Want is My
Money My Pussy My Blood” really goes back to the problems shown in the beginning. 
This is an intangible idea of being safe and being free. I think Parker tried
to tell us is that these are the many things that people in today’s world take
for granted too often. Parker’s poem also makes me wonder, what can people
really do to get rid of the awful circumstance of racism in America? This poem
is a great piece on social awareness and really put me in the shoes of a person
that goes it in this country.