Fourth-degree poison control hotline ( 18002221222). Another burn is

Fourth-degree burns, fourth-degree burns are the worst case scenario burns, these burns may damage bones, muscles and in some cases tendons. There is so after pain because the nerve endings are destroyed.  These burns in most cases take about a month to heal or in some cases, it may take longer. These burns can be life-threatening, so people affected should go to the emergency room right away.      First aid for burns can be very critical, so here are some aid treatments without a medical professional administering the treatments. First, you should stop the skin from burning, this means stop all flames with water or a fire blanket, if clothing is on fire, the patient should not run, stop drop and roll. If It is a liquid burn, try running some cool water over the affected area for about ten minutes, Do not use ice, ice will make it worse and irritate the skin. If it an electrical burn, Separate the patient from the electrical source using a non- conducting type of material such as a wooden broom, or a plastic PVC pipe. Check to make sure the patient is awake, breathing and has a heartbeat, if no heartbeat is detected start CPR, give 30 chest compressions , followed by two breaths, if an AED is present turn it on and follow the automated instructions , the AED will check for a heart rhythm, if no rhythm is detected a shock may be advised continue CPR until the paramedics arrive, or you are too exhausted to continue CPR. If patient has heartbeat after cpr, immediately take the patient to the emergency room.     Some burns, may not involve heat at all, burns from dry ice should be treated by tucking the affected area into clothing or putting them in warm water, lotion or ointment may be administered when the burn area is stable. Chemical burns may also be one without heat, because there is a large variety and many variables to the burning sensation, it is best to go see a medical professional or call the national poison control hotline ( 18002221222).  Another burn is a plastic burn , this is most common with hot glue, treat this burn the same as the heat burn, if plastic is covering the burn DO NOT remove it. One treatment to always avoid is to not take off the burnt skin, this will only make the situation worse, also when using moisturizer or burn ointment, make sure that it does not irritate the skin.     Problems of survivors, one problem of many survivors of third- fourth-degree burns is, regrowing the skin that was burned off, sometimes the dermatologist may need to remove healthy skin from one area of the body and place it on the area affected by the burn. Some burn victims never feel in that area again. Skins way of healing is to shed the dead layer off, so do not be surprised if this happens.     Some ways of preventing burns, Test water before submerging your whole body in it. Set your water heater to approximately 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit, this will prevent 2-3rd-degree burns. Never let small children touch the bath faucet. If small children are present, when cooking, turn handles to the side of the stove or use the back burners. When using a essential oil diffuser , use the cool mist ones this can prevent burns. And most importantly place smoke detectors in your home.