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For the quarter two book assignment, I chose Ender’s Game. it is a science-fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card in 1985. Aliens threaten Earth, and only Ender can save humanity, and he faces many challenges but overcomes them. He saves humanity, but at what cost?Ender Wiggin was chosen, before he was born, as a contestant to save Earth. The “buggers”, the aliens, have attacked Earth two times previously, and humanity surely wouldn’t survive a third invasion. For this reason, Ender was designed and bread to be a military genius, compassionate yet ruthless, smarter than every other kid, driven to get past obstacles, and young enough to give orders but be confident with his decisions. He is spied on growing up to ensure he was on the right path, he then gets sent to battle school, a space station with a zero-gravity room where kids wear battle suits and learn troop formations, military strategy, and how to battle in space. Ender does very well at battle school, even after the instructors make it increasingly unfair towards Ender. They challenge him and shape him into the ideal soldier, and eventually they ask him to save all of Earth from the aliens.The main characters of the novel are young boys, it’s a story that could appeal to a younger audience, but the themes and ideas explored throughout are very mature in an intellectual way. The reader will see some pretty creepy parallels to current events, but a lot of the concepts in the book are timeless and may seem creepy, but are just a coincidence. Additionally, the reader with interest in science-fiction will see how Ender’s Game has influenced the genre. From a psychological standpoint, the novel displays an intimate knowledge of the human condition and what it takes to be a leader, but it’s also the much simpler story of a young boy growing up, making friends and fighting bullies. It’s a science-fiction epic about an genocidal interstellar war with an alien race, but it’s also a story of family ties and sibling rivalry.In conclusion, Ender’s Game is one of the best science-fiction books of all time, and also one of the best books I’ve ever read. It was very suspenseful and was challenging yet fun to read.