“For transitions their social life is not over this

     “For dedication and hard work we honor Michael Richardson baseball player from Memphis Junior High in receiving a free scholarship to Punter Grove University with a 3.4 GPA”.The spokesperson said. This young boy has been accepted to a very highly intelligent school where most brilliant children are successful.Not only he is the one to receive this magnificent opportunity but there are millions of kids boarding into this such school.Most Athletes rely on their sports to give them a better appearance to nice colleges,But when these students participate in these transitions their social life is not over this benefits them to meet a criteria in their flawless designs.Apparently,Physical Activities increases their brain function and concentration levels.Why do these teens rely on a such thing?      Significantly,Athletic students rely on their sports abilities to help them look decent to other wealthy colleges.The students that support their school in these helpful resources have to keep a steady,reliable,and strong academic stats.According to the passage”Overall students in extracurricular activities will likely see improvement in their life skills and academic skills also”.Does only Athletes get this great opportunity?Did I mention that not only they get this offer;You can be in chess clubs,math clubs,reading,recording artist,music specialist,technology supporters,and more you can get selected on anything you major in.You know what they say “if you just believe in yourself you can do anything”.        Emphatically,Their social life is not over this can benefit them to regain their new friends.Most young kids don’t their future to look reductant and dull just because they either have to pay for college or they have to hang around the same circle of friends.Most of the time you don’t want to see the same people over and over,These active teens exceedingly just want to have a chance to have friends that they can talk to because at the same time one of your friends can turn on you and you will want to have another resource.Nevertheless,”Besides being fun and great way to socialize with their peers,extracellular activities can enhance students time and management skills”. This social thing can really give a big boot into these teens lives.          Equally important,Physical Activities increases their brain function a lot better and exclaims their high intelligence and concentration levels.When the young scholars make their big move in the chess game they build self-consciousness and endurance.Furthermore,”Their unique ways in playing their astonishing ways won’t take them very far in life”They will have to rely on the most of their grades which is why they see the great success they see today.There is ample amounts of opportunities to get them where they need to go.            In a nutshell,This transition that the future has in store for them is very reliable,pretty much laid out to follow in this amazing expedition.Physical Activities increases their brain function a lot better and exclaims their high intelligence and concentration levels,Their social life doesn’t end just yet it just starts as their journey does,Athletes rely on their skills to take them very far in life.”Their is a lot of opprtunites in this world for everyone to share”.