Five Functions Of Management Essay

Within this multiple managerial level there is the five managerial functions are followed. My boss; Lori; works hard with planning, organizing, leading and controlling her staff of four. Each week she plans for the coming week on our sales, organizes what is needed for the coming week, all while leading her staff and correcting us when needed. The five functions of management are important for running a business properly. Planning The managers of all the stores get together to plan what to do for the coming weeks or months for each of it’s departments.

Lori then comes up with a plan to save the store money, but still be able to accomplish the goal set for her. Lori plans out what we are to do for the week, what each day’s goal will be. From that plan she sets our work hours, and days. For instance, Monday night is one of our busiest nights, and if Lori doesn’t plan for the right amount of food we need for that night; we would have some pretty angry customers. Well-executed plans are one of the biggest time savers in business (Reilly, Knick, & Aback, 2011).

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When planning for each week, Lori lets us know daily what she would like or us to get done for the day, therefore we strive to improve on what is visible, tangible, and that is long lasting (Coves, 2014). The planning that happens for the bakery is only told to the ones it applies to on that day. For instance, if came in on Valentines day; would be informed that we would be selling rib dinners two for one and chocolate covered strawberries would be the sale of the day. This keeps me informed on the MANAGEMENT 3 plan and goal for the day.

This helps me stay with the plan, which is to try and sell the rib dinners and chocolate covered strawberries for a romantic dinner or two. Planning and organizing those plans is a huge job, and my boss does a great job at it. Leading and Organizing When I first started working, Lori was there to show me the ropes. She showed me how to get the food ready, how to work the slices, and what I was to do before I left for the night. Lori trained me and my other new co-worker a couple nights, and our other two co-workers trained us for a couple nights until they felt we were ready to go solo.

There is only one night a week that there are two people working at the same time, and that’s on Monday nights, the rest of the time its only one. Leading is inspiration, support, stimuli, creativity, and listening to those around your work area (Kangaroos, 2013). Having an effective leader like Lori, who is motivate to works like me to increase the level of work we do, gives us direction, and is persistent in having us expand at work (Reilly, Knick, & Aback, 201 1). Lori coordinates all the activities that happen back in the bakery.

A well- organized company or store Often has the most efficient, effective, and productive groups in each of its departments (Reilly, Knick, & Aback, 201 1 An example is, this Saturday is kid’s day. There will be games kids can play they can win prizes, have their face painted, and the bakery/deli will be giving them a box lunch and a goodie bag. This was planned by the store owner and is done every year. Lori has to put together a work team to make the lunches, goodie bags and what cakes will be given as prizes. Organizing this kids day brings the best our in my boss.

Staffing I was hired with no experience, other than my cleaning and cooking skills from home. I didn’t know how to make the cakes, write on them, or even decorate them. Lori asked me if I could decorate a cake, I told her no butt am fast learner. It didn’t take me a couple of times to figure out how to pipe 4 out “happy birthday’ or “congratulations” or what the customer asks for. Lori showed me once on how to hold the bag of icing and let me write on the cake. When it comes to staffing, there is really only one question that needs to be asked and that is “Can you decorate cakes? The answer given helps decide whether your willing to work hard and learn what you can, or if your just looking for an easy job with not much to do. According to Reilly, Knick, and Aback in most cases job offers Come from within the organization and dress the local people who may be interested to work (201 1). There are other organizations that have international stores and they will decide on local staffing, but most positions are staffed with the countries people (Make*, Bookmark, & Orangeroot, 2009).

If my workplace had other stores in international countries they would have there local people working there. Controlling There are three steps to controlling: Measuring, Evaluating, and correcting. Measuring is to determine through reports the degree to which progress is being made. Evaluating is to help employee to stay focused on the job at hand. Correcting is taking action to correct a bad trend or of a unusually good trend. If a manager, Lori, sees any deviations from the planned goals from her workers she can determine how to handle the situation (kangaroos, 2013).

Conclusion In conclusion the five functions of management are important to keeping a business running as a well oiled machine. Lori, has used these functions in the bakery/deli of our local grocery store to keep the food coming and going. Planning is a major part of her job as well as keeping us on track and focused. Lori inspires me to keep moving on and put my all into everything do. Know he gets exhausted and over worked at times, but she believes in her job and her employees.