Firstly, there is unlikely to be clear solutions (Morse,

Firstly, job analysis and design can assist
organisational recruitment department in regards to recruiting employees, this
is due to the fact it produces a job specification, which will, then enables
recruiters to know what skills are required for the available position, when
going through applications. Secondly, it looked at classic trio process
highlighting the importance of an application form to just taking in CVs.
Thirdly it looked into the pros and cons of using references as a source of
recruitment. Lastly, it took into account of assessments centres and work
samples pros and con when recruiting.

Recruitment and selection
is an important process, due to the fact regardless of which industry an
organisation operates in they will have to engage with the process.
Organisation that that has effective methods of recruitment and selection
processes will give the organisation a competitive advantage in retaining its
employees, thus lowering the organisation turnover. The literature review
highlighted different recruitment and selection methods such as; Interviews,
assessment centres, classic trio or work samples that organisation could
utilise by pointing out each methods pros and cons.

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Research ethic can be
define as research that involves human subjects or participants. Furthermore,
this research is specifically interested in the analysis of ethical issues that
are raised when people are involved as participants in the research (Kruger,
Ndebele and Horn, n.d.). Research ethics is a complex matter to
which there is unlikely to be clear solutions (Morse, 1991).Firstly, the
researcher is fully aware of basic human and will be respectful and sensitive
to questioning participants. Researcher will ensure all participants are aware
that it is not mandatory to participate in the research, and can decide to stop
participating whenever they choose to, as the study is voluntary. Lastly,
participants will made aware of the objectives of the study; while they will
be, assured that all information shared would be treated as confidential.


The researcher will implement various tactics or
strategies into each stage of the research project to avoid unreliability,
validity or trustworthiness in research.

and/or trustworthiness

Content analysis will be used to analyse any data that
will be gathered from interviews and emails. The main advantage of this method
is that it enables the researcher to build qualitative data in a way that
satisfies the research objectives. With this said personal mistakes could arise
in regards to researcher misinterpreting the data provided, which leads the
research producing false or unreliable conclusion (KRIPPENDORFF, 2017).

analysis method/s

The data collection
methods for this research will be mainly be skype, phone interviews and emails
between participators, the reason for these methods is mainly due to the
distance between the researcher and participators. Qualitative methods, such as
interviews, are believed to provide a ‘deeper’ understanding, with
this said open interviews will be conducted with some key
questions related to the study that may help to explore the topic in more
depth, also allows the interviewer or interviewee to diverge in order to pursue
a response in more detail. However, there is the risk that the interviews can
deliver biased responses (Schostak, 2006).On the other hand the using emails to
collect data is due to its convenient as messages can be stored, and also
document, photos and data sheets could be easily attached.the drawback of this
is that misunderstandings can occur.