“Financial and has introduced me to a wide range

sustainability is like a puzzle”. You have to examine all pieces of life before
you are financially stable. In order to reach your goal it is very important to
have a clear target and also ambition to achieve everything in a set
order.  You need to analyse every piece
of information before you apply it to make your own decisions. London is the world’s
leading city for international finance and business services. A global
powerhouse at the centre of the UK’S financial services.  What better place than London to study


I chose to study this degree because it will
enhance my understanding of the world’s financial services in the economical
world. Furthermore finance in general is a subject that has struck a chord
within me. During my first year of sixth form I gained a certificate in
finance, the level of work was quite intense however my passion for the subject
gave me the motivation to work hard to achieve the qualification and to carry
on to the second year. The teachers there gave me valuable advice and supported
me throughout the year. A few modules, which fed my interest in finance, were:
purpose of money, budgeting and forecasts. This is because it showed me the value
of money in the real world and the functions of it. I really enjoyed my time at
sixth form and I am looking forward to continuing my academic studies at

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Sixth form has really transformed me as an
individual and has developed my charisma from a teenager into a mature young adult. It has given a vision into what university will be like and has introduced me to a wide range of
people. On this journey I have met many people that made me realise the
importance of listening and considering their opinions. I can proudly say that
I have excellent interpersonal skills to connect effectively with people.


As a mature and independent person I feel that my
strongest strengths are having the ability to work efficiently and accurately,
I also can concentrate for a long period of time, which is very helpful to deal
with deadlines. When it comes to problem solving I am very logical, analytical
and give my full attention to detail, I also have developed a habit of
analysing everything before making any important decisions for an example at
sixth form where I carried out research for my coursework and made important
changes before submitting and meeting the deadline.


My main ambition after graduating is to get a
stable job in the financial sector whether it is becoming a financial regulator
or advisor. I am anticipating that this university will deliver me with an
understanding of the economic world as well as offering me a wide range of
options after my course.


I hope this is
sufficient enough to offer me a place at your university and I look forward to
taking the advantage of all the opportunities that the university has to offer.