Finally, Marie-Laure and Robert have relationships who are an

Finally, Marie-Laure and Robert have relationships who are an influential figure to their lives. When Marie-Laure’s father leaves, both Etienne and Madame Manec became father and mother figures to her. Marie and Etienne have a close connection with each other where he tells her stories that inspires her to think about traveling and exploring places than living in this harsh world. Marie-Laure enjoys Etienne “reading to her in his feathery voice” (Doerr 145) where they bond with each other talking about Darwin and jokes around about the english Darwin uses. In addition, Robert and Rowena have a close connection when Robert “was young, he mistook Rowena for his mother because he often saw her smiling down onto his crib” (Findley 7). To Robert, Rowena is his guardian, but eventually later on he considers himself as her guardian. After losing Rowena, it is unbearable for him to move on which leads him to enlisting in the war and tries to move on from his loss. Etienne has also lost loved ones in his life and Marie is all that he has left and tells her that “she is the best thing that has ever come into his life” (Doerr 431). When Etienne enters Marie-Laure’s life, he is always there for her when her father left, having the same connection she has with Daniel and is grateful to being part of her life. Similarly, Robert goes through many loss and sufferings, but as he develops a close relationship with Juliet and with all the violent things Robert did, there is “many times she wanted to destroy Robert’s affair out of her diaries but she always reminded herself it is part of someone’s life: someone she loved and respected” (Findley 158). After all his sufferings, he thought that he has lost everything and would not find happiness again but Juliet came into his life that changes his life in a positive way. When Marie-Laure visits the Grotto in her city, she collects “seashells and lines them along every available surface” (Doerr 308). This represents Marie’s happiness where “something so small could be worth so much (Doerr 435). The seashells are an act of compassion and also representing one of the happier times in her life. Throughout the novel, Robert shares a closer connection with animals than with humans. One of the animals that Robert finds happiness in are horses which symbolizes his relationship with Rowena. Robert has a strong connection with horses when he is determined to “break all ranks in order to save the animals” (Findley 183). The horses are trapped in the barn and he sacrifices his life to release the horses to fulfill his happiness. Also, in Juliet’s transcript she says that she notices Robert is happy when he is running with horses. Robert grew up having the morals of loving all living things which he finds peace in being surrounded by animals. Ultimately, both Marie-Laure and Robert finds happiness in things that are not people but in seashells and animals. Happiness is not an easy thing to achieve all the time, the two of these characters finds happiness in the joy of existence and the delight of simply being. Even being surrounded by the horrors of war, finding happiness in the little things can be hard to do but they still manage to do so.