Femininity stay away from dirty work or hard work

Femininity what is it? What dose it mean? What does it stand for?
Femininity is the the qualities and attributes which are regarded as the characteristics of a woman, this can mean acting in a girlish or feminine way, being soft spoken, polite, smart, strong and independent. These attributes are what most woman describe themselves and one another as when they think of the word femininity. (according to Essentials magazine- November 2012)
As women in todays day and age we have to learn to be come more self- sufficient and reliant to become something in this world and to make a living that we love. Being feminine is not always applying the rosy blush to your cheeks and shinny lip gloss to your lips or even wearing pretty pink nail polish it is doing this and much more and does that mean you are fighting off your femininity?
No of course not….You have to discover your meaning in life find your passion and follow your dreams. Who says you have to know how to cook, clean or stay at home with the children. In todays society occupational segregation is the reason that women stay away from dirty work or hard work it is because of the stereotype that women want to dress up and push pens in an air conditioned office.Women are rising in power everyday and they are starting to gain economic and political power and changing their own lives everyday by going against the stereotypes. Honestly does being successful in your life question your femininity? Did anyone ever give Barbie muscle to go along with her brains ? No. The time has long passed where a women has to be a man to be successful wouldn’t life we easier if women and men where told to be themselves without interpreting masculinity and femininity and make assumptions based on gender-specific. What we all fail to understand is that we can combine the felling of being beautiful along with all the other positive attributes of being a women with the feeling of fulfilling what it means to have femininity. You should never question your life choices based on others decisions which they force onto you, your femininity is not necessarily who you are but more about what you sand for as a person a strong intelligent women with good beliefs and qualities which will never be the stereotypes that society expects from you.