“Fear looked at in a positive light and strived

“Fear has two meanings- ‘Forget Everything and Run’ or
‘Face Everything and Rise’. The choice is yours.” – Zig Ziglar. The word fear has
had a bad reputation over the years. When people become scared to face their
fears, they use the word “fear”. If a person were to attempt to define the word
‘fear’ they would a definition like “a distressed emotion aroused by evil,
danger, or pain.”, but people are so blinded by said fear that they do not
think about how they can overcome it. Most people have only put the word fear
with a negative connotation, but Ziglar changed it and made it into a positive

People should look at the word fear, not with the
negativity that it usually brings, but in a way, that has them conquering their
obstacles. People would never accomplish anything if they let being scared get
in the way. Going out of what a person thought possible is the way to accomplish
things, and being scared is not the way of living. People from all over the
world looked at America as the place to be to strive for the ‘American Dream’.
They saw America as a place of freedom and to prosper and live comfortably.
They soon figured out that everything that glitters is not gold. They figured
out that they would have to work hard and come out of their comfort zone to
live that dream that they were searching for. African Americans are not much
different with their American Dream, but it does differ. The American Dream and
the African American dream differ in many ways, the people involved had to
overcome different things to become successful. But both groups of people did
not let fear be a negative in their lives they looked at in a positive light
and strived that way.

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The ‘American Dream’ can be viewed in many ways based
on people’s views. In the Declaration of Independence, it says “…that all men
are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness.” (para. 2) The Declaration of independence gives the basis of the
American Dream for all people. People strive to excel in what they are doing
with their lives.

When people in other countries hear
about America, they conclude that it is a great place where people come, and
they do better than they ever have in their recent country, but they do not
think of all the hard work and dedication that a person has to have in order to
succeed. In the book The Jungle, by
Upton Sinclair, Jurgis and his family here about the American Dream from a
family friend. They come on false hope that America will help them live better
than what they were having back home, little did they know that it was not
going to be easy. They came to America on the false
hope that everything would be better for them. In the book it focuses on what
people thought the American Dream was supposed to be and how it did not turn
out how it was thought to be. Jurgis wanted his American Dream to be wealth and
prosperity, but all he received was pain and torture. 

However, Martin
Luther King Jr., an African American man, wrote and delivered
a speech in 1963 called, “I Have a Dream”, he tells
the audience that he hopes for a day that all people are treated equal. His
American Dream, was for black and white people to coexist together and not to
hate. “I have a dream that my four little children will one
day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their
skin but by the content of their character.” (King pg. 5 para. 1) His American
Dream was for his people, to rise above all the hate that they had to
endure over the past century. He wanted better for his children and future

Luther King Jr. has written many books and speeches about equality in America.
He has dreamed of not just African Americans being treated the same as the
other person. The Papers of Martin Luther
King Jr., is a series of different speeches and sermons that Martin Luther
King has given. In his book he says (insert quote here).


conclusion, the African American Dream and the American Dream have many
differences. The American Dream is just focused on being happy and successful,
while the African American Dream was more focused on equality more than
success. The African American community has been through multiple trials and
tribulations over the years, but they have overcome any obstacles. People
looking for the American Dream sometimes come close to it, but nobody really
knows when a person really has achieved their dream. People’s dreams are
different from others. Some would want to become rich and successful, but some
are just happy with a healthy family and a nice job. There is not a definite
point that everybody reaches to get the American Dream, they just strive to get
to the point where they are living comfortably.