Fake similar to a termite that directly affects the

Fake news directly relate to falsehood. And falsehood is similar to
a termite that directly affects the roots of a society. And future of that society
is at stake, as it takes much time and trouble to pull down a falsehood as to
build up truth. A mind, conscious of rectitude, laughs to scorn the falsehood
of a report so, what are the harms that are caused by spreading fake news? Why
such news should be avoided? How not to relay on these fake news? What steps
could be taken to stop such news to flourish and spread?

All those questions are not easy to answer. They are upsetting,
mind blogging and confusing at the same. Today social media is one of the
fastest and most common ways of spreading any news. Then comes the TV,
newspapers, radio and so on. There have always been newspaper gaffes, and
journalists have never been error free. But fake news is something else and
more dangerous: it is fictitious message ( according to experts) which exploits
the functions logic of social networks works users can get upset at any time,
certain hot topics can be effortlessly instrumentalized: the fear of
alienation, the abuse of power, questions of war and peace.

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Richard Gray takes on in-depth look on this issue. He is really
concerned about the fact that with news sources splintering and falsehood
spreading widely online can anything be really done? Certainly something got to
be done in this respect. It’s not a matter of one or two issues that pop up by
the spread of a fake news but its range is wide. The spread of fake news in
elections, about a person, an industry, a hotel, educational institute,
hospital, coaching centre, accidents, murder, departmental store, pharmacy, and
restaurant can play havoc. The effect of fabricated news does not remain to a
person or two but they go to a larger extent. And sometimes results are more

In our daily lives we come across many incidents that are the result
of fake news. For example on one Sunday afternoon, a 28 year old man walked
into a Washington, D.C. Ping Pong bar and Pizzeria. He was carrying an AR-15
assault rifle. He fired one or more shots, as people fled comes Ping Pong,
before surrendering to police officers. No one was injured. Edgar Madison told
police he had travelled from his home in Salisbury, N.C. to the nation’s
capital to investigate a pre-election conspiracy theory, wherein Democratic
Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton allegedly led a child-trafficking ring out
of comet Ping Pong. A false claim started by, you guessed it, fake news. Incidents
like the pizza gate shooting signify just one step in a long, dark truth of
real world consequences caused by fake news. Before the internet, it was much
more expensive to distribute information, building up trust took years and
there were much simpler definitions of what constituted news and media, making
regulations or self-regulations easier. But the rise of social media has broken
down many of the boundaries that prevent fake news from spreading in
democracies. In particular it has allowed anyone to create and disseminate
information, especially those that have proven most adopt at ”GAMING” how
social network operates. Hoaxes and falsehood have been associated with the
internet since early days, but it is only in the last two years that organised,
systematic misinformation campaigns, often linked to the governments, have
emerged, and their effect on democracy and society scrutinised.

Critics of Facebook and Twitter say the sites are purpose built for
spreading misinformation, with the reach of a story dependent on its ability to
go viral something that often depends on sensationalism and emotional reactions
more than truth itself.

Headlines such as ” Pope backs Trump”, ”Hillary sold weapons to
ISIS”, ”FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Emails leaks Found Dead” went viral
on Facebook in the run up to the elections, garnering thousands of shares. But
fake news goes beyond the US. According to Freedom House, 30 governments
identified this year pay ” opinion shapers” to promote propaganda online.

The phenomenon of fake news is, therefore, a threat to humanity and
many other aspects of life. It must be dealt quite seriously so future of human
race can be secured.