Explanation of entertainment industry Essay


IntroductionKorea, as a fledgling to the planetary market, has witness the tonss of success instances to internationalise domestic companies. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai even have become the biggest companies in the universe. Today, nevertheless, Korea is demoing more possible and competence in amusement market. Represented as ‘Korean Wave ‘ , Korea has gained the good repute as bring forthing good cultural contents that are loved universe broad. SM Entertainment, the biggest amusement company is Korea, has took globalisation scheme, to spread out its market universe broad. We will analyse the accomplishment that it has had so far, and the competitory strength.

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Puting the hereafter market as US, we will widen the analysis to come in the new market.2. Brief Explanation ofEntertainment Industry1 ) World Entertainment IndustryEntertainment, by definition, consists of any activity which provides recreation for people to divert themselves in their leisure clip. The industry comprises really broad Scopess, including films, music, Television show and so on. As the criterion of life improving, the demands for amusement have significantly risen. The universe amusement industry, harmonizing to Price Waterhouse Coopers ( PWC ) has been witnessed to turn at the one-year rate of 7.

3 per centum. This rate outnumbers the universe GDP growing rate by three times, sing it was around 2-3 per centum yearly.At the same clip, seeing the universe amusement market, we can see that it is chiefly taken up by two major states, US and Japan. No uncertainty, the rate is closely related to the populating criterion, and Korea takes merely 3 per centum of the entire market.2 ) Korean Entertainment IndustryThe amusement in Korea is one of the fastest turning industries, and it is believed to hold great possible, to have monolithic authorities support for interest of furthering it. So it has been, that Korea has had much stronger competitory advantage in music and Television show gross revenues and exports than other Asiatic states. The sums of export in amusement industry were 631 million dollars in 2003, which has significantly grown to make 1555 million dollars in 2007. It was chiefly due to the repute Korea has gained with good organized schemes and extraordinary public presentationsKorean amusement industry, despite the fact that the industry has grown tremendously, is ill for a twosome of grounds.

The market is so concentrated that there is over-heated monetary value wars, illegal downloads of the contents are huge and unstoppable. It is obvious that the market is non every bit attractive as it was a twosome of old ages ago, which has motivated Korean amusement companies to flex their expression upon planetary market.By far, the procedure has been positive. As we see the tabular array below, it is really popular chiefly in Asia.

Korean female graven image group, Girl ‘s Generation, has been watched on YouTube 24 million times, every bit much as 7 times as Nipponese opposite numbers, 20 times as Chinese. Recent article on newspaper has introduced the popularity Korean Music is winning in France, a immense concert holding been sold-out within 5 proceedingss.3. Introduction of SM EntertainmentSM Entertainment which this paper is look intoing in, is representative amusement bring forthing company, chiefly concentrating on music industry. It was established in 1995 with male graven image group H.O.T.

, which was precisely what adolescent misss were despairing for. H.O.T. had proven to accomplish great success. Female graven image group by SM, SES besides was rather successful, run intoing up what boys wanted for miss group. From so on were there BOA, Dong-Bang-Shin-Ki, Girl ‘s Generation and others, who were successful besides outside of Korea, such as Japan and other Asias.

Thankss to those success narratives, SM amusement holds the largest records market portion in Korea.As the instance of H.O.T. and SES shows, SM amusement is competent in spoting the client ‘s demands and penchants, and seting into strategic action. It has systematic system to engender up vocalists and other endowments, passing old ages of attempts to suit in the market.

When a trainee passes the hearing that SM has for new faces, it takes him or her 5 to 10 old ages to be to the full trained. Jessica, a member of Girl ‘s Generation, had to pass 7 old ages to hold all the preparation plans, and to finally go a top star.The procedure of SM in amusement industry is good defined as the basic value concatenation theoretical account of fabrication.

There are normally five classs ; R & A ; D, Supply, Production, Distribution and selling. SM engages in R & A ; D as bring forthing new conceptual development, and other cooperation with composers for music production. Following measure is supply, detecting new potencies through hearing throughout the universe and sign language contracts. Manufacturing equates cultivate vocals, set uping dances and other preparation plans that increases the value of future merchandise, vocalists. It comprises larning foreign linguistic communication, manners, and so forth. At the last is put the combination of selling and distribution, for they happen at the same clip. It includes record distribution via retailing and on-line, and advanced other selling that consumers can see and acquire in touch with the merchandises.

4. The Success Case in Japan1 ) SM come ining Nipponese marketAs noted above, non merely the fact that Korean amusement industry is already saturated and Japan ranks as the 2nd largest, there are other motives for Korean amusements to come in the Nipponese market. Nipponese records are sold out even at the high monetary value, with the high acknowledgment of right of first publications.

Diverse genres in music are respected, and K-pop tendency is dining. Furthermore, Japan has so amusement system at the pro degree. For Nipponese amusements do n’t supply developing plan to the vocalists, Korean opposite numbers were more strategic, to hold competitory advantage on it.In twelvemonth 2000 November, SM Entertainment had concluded a licensing contract over Asia with AVEX, which is the greatest music amusement company in Japan. With the strong cooperation with AVEX, SM gained opportunities to let go of new albums in Japan, selling them under the licence of AVEX. Besides, as a agency to perforate into foreign markets, Sm has enlisted on KOSDAQ. In twelvemonth 2001 January, SM Entertainment Japan was incorporated to a foreign joint corporation, which is a stock company. Thankss to all these procedure, famous persons from SM could look on Yoshimoto group ‘s Television plans and derive other supports to originate the effects in public dealingss.

By SM ‘s favour, with compiled cognition and experiences, other amusements could take a gradual measure to come in into Nipponese market.2 ) Case of BOAA female vocalist BOA was planned for the Nipponese market, therefore had to larn Nipponese from her early ages. Her Nipponese capableness so first-class when she had made her introduction in Japan that people did n’t believe she was Korean. She even commissioned Nipponese songsters for her vocals.

These were effectual in allowing people have affinity to her that she could won the first topographic point in the Oricon Chart. This scheme can be besides seen in Dong-Bang-Shin-Ki that the group was named in Chinese manner.3 ) Case of Girl ‘s Generation ( GG )Girl ‘s Generation could accomplish the success with particular selling scheme. It had benchmarked the instance of Beatles come ining into US market, taking three stairss ; public dealingss, local landing and standardisation. GG foremost tried to do touchpoint to Nipponese consumers via exposing itself into assorted media.

SM released teaser images, used YouTube as a tool for publicity, and even sold DVDs before its functionary introduction.This was the first measure to raise consciousness and involvements among Nipponese people. This scheme has contributed significantly to its success. Different from BOA, nevertheless, GG chose to standardise itself over states. It had released the same vocals that had been in Korea, which finally resulted in differing itself from other Nipponese groups. Their superior visual aspects, vocals and public presentation won huge figure of female fans at their 10 to mid-twentiess, to go function theoretical accounts of them.5. Evaluation of Nipponese Case1 ) LocalizationThere are chiefly three schemes that have resulted in the success in Japan.

In the beginning, SM amusement could win in Japan by localisation scheme, and made attempts to keep its civilization. SM has been endeavoring for this scheme with music, phases and other factors to run into up with local market. It has near relationship with Nipponese composers, to make vocals closer to Japan. There besides was an importance in cutting down the linguistic communication barriers, holding vocalists educated the local linguistic communications. This scheme is apparently different from the rivals ‘ , in that the old K-pop vocalists tried to use the popularity in Korea as a stepping rock to come in into Japan.2 ) Cooperative partnershipSM thought it necessary to settle down the Nipponese market.

It set up the assorted strategic partnerships with related concerns, such as amusement, music and Television production companies. This partnership was applied to non merely distribution channel, but other subdivisions as selling and supply. That is how SM could readily come in into the Nipponese market.3 ) Differentiation schemeSM ‘s placement scheme is non confined to localisation.

As we have witnessed the “Korean Wave” , which explains the immense tendency of prefering Korean civilization, Korean Entertainment companies have gained power to force their domestic civilization into other states. BOA, for illustration, has bit by bit introduced Korean vocals into Japan. These contents are alone, and different from others, which raise consciousness of Korean civilization and in the terminal make them more competitory.6.

The Recording Industry of AmericaIt is understood as a strategic procedure for amusement companies to come in into the US amusement market after the Japanese. SM is besides seeking taking this into consideration, and informations show that the American music industry is optimum site for SM to spread out its concern.1 ) Market StructureAs we see the tabular array below, there are several large companies such as ‘Universal Music Group ( UMG ) , ‘ ‘Sony/BMG, ‘ ‘EMI, ‘ and ‘Warner Music Group ‘ in U.S entering market, and they have so competitory powers that they have a 30-percent of the domestic market portion.

This construction is different from Korea in that Korea market has assorted production and distributer companies. Major companies can subscribe up with so many vocalists, and put on concerts, selling publicities paying higher cost than little amusements. Therefore, smaller 1s have comparatively low competitory power than large companies in selling and distribution. Therefore, minor companies, so called ‘indies ‘ , can non but concentrate on little, genre-specified niche market.2 ) Market Size and TrendThe American music amusement industry takes up approximately 10 billion dollars. The market can be divided into off-line and online market. Since the cyberspace developed quickly, off-line market is worsening while online market is undergoing fast-growth. Seen in the tabular array below, On-line entering gross revenues run to 5,720 million dollars with rapid growing rate of 19.

3 % . The growing of online market size is really important tendency, in that it costs less for each company to make music publicities.table 8 Recording gross revenues on and off line, and growing rate alteration.

( Million $ , % ) PricewaterhouseCoopers3 ) Genre Preference.As the tabular array shows, Rock is the most attractive genre in American recording industry. Sing that it is rather a meager market in Korea, we can reason that the consumer gustatory sensation is apparently different between Korea and US. When we see the top 10 merchandising creative persons, who are believed to hold piled up the legendary accomplishment, they are chiefly white except one, who had desired to be so.

7. Communication as success factorUnited states is the state of diverseness. There are 100s of different civilizations, linguistic communication and societies, and they are every bit respected. Everyone is said to be given the same opportunity to go successful. In this respects, the most of import success factor in music industry would be ‘communication ‘ .

Quency Jones, by far the most distinguished manufacturer and creative person, claimed that musical creative persons have to pass on with audiences in US. They can make it either via music, the most typical manner to originate understanding to audiences, or via other steps that they can supply more touchpoint to the audiences.1 ) Music as isAs US is the biggest in the universe, it has the most diverse music genres, and the most celebrated and popular musical creative persons in the universe. Therefore, the criterion of audiences and the entry barriers are rather high. Therefore, foremost of all, vocalists should hold the perfect competency as the basic status to acquire into US market.

Some celebrated genres in Korea, like lyrical lay, hip-hops are chiefly originated from US. Thus, nevertheless Korea attempts to advance on those sectors, it might be deadening and quite common in the US market. Rather, Quency Jones has evaluated Korean music as originative, and good in performances.He is more than positive to see musical creative persons as passionate, and near to the nature of music itself. The music has some similarities to that of Chicago in that it is about bitterness. It is mostly originated from people seeking to change over it into pleasance. These characteristics are believed to hold adequate fight in the American music market, as there is important distinction factor every bit good as musical flawlessness itself.

2 ) More than MusicUnited states is the most market-driven state in the universe. There can be no other steps than money to better explicate it. Therefore, communicating rather frequently occurs through selling and public dealingss, and they serve as effectual agencies to pull huge figure of consumers. In other words, it is of import to procure the touchpoint to the consumers via indirect manner every bit good as music itself.The turning online market, such as I-tunes and cyberspace, is a good and easier manner for Korea to derive involvements and consciousness from people. Mika, the universe celebrated dad vocalist, could derive the popularity thanks to the regards he has gained from the universe celebrated blogger. Besides, there are rather many Television show plans that deal with music, say American Idol.

Appearance on Television plans or other media are besides a really big portion that musical creative persons in US seek to keep for more touchpoint.8. SM Entertainment ‘s Strategic AnalysisSM entertaintment ‘s nucleus capacity could be defined three facets ; developing multi-talented entertainers, Trend Setting, capacity for selling. And it has been proven that these characteristics are effectual when come ining a new market. Adjusting and come ining to the US music market, SM should take three strengths into history, and use them as realizable schemes.1 ) Multi-talented entertainersThe most singular characteristic of SM is that it puts focal point on developing the hereafter top stars from their early ages. It holds public hearing to look for good endowments.

The hearing is held over a twosome of states, consisting China and US. Under the signed contract, trainees who have passed the hearing take assorted preparations runing from vocal, dance to composing and moving. They are put under competition, which they should endeavor to last through the intense circumstance.The know-how of 15 old ages of preparation system seems to be the important strengths for US, in that vocalists are multi-talented, non merely limited to singing. US market is difficult to perforate merely with singing capablenesss, instead vocalists should work on selling and public dealingss online and off-line with assorted steps. This is straight related to the value that they can present to the clients ; the higher and wider it is, the more utile it is better for amusement companies to use it.

Therefore, the fact that vocalists have more endowments means they can catch more opportunities to go successful.2 ) Trend PutingEntertainment industry is highly sensitive to tendencies. For US, even more, as it is the most developed and advanced in the universe, run intoing up the tendencies is critical. It is closely related to the fight that a company can guarantee the profitableness.

SM, in this respects, has been rather successful. It has been bring forthing graven images right for the tendency, with the sensitive probe on markets. The market in US seems typical ; different from Asiatic markets. Even the penchants that consumers have are apparently different from Asia. Systemic construction that SM may be vulnerable to suit in the US market, for it takes at least 5 old ages to bring forth the new vocalist. The volatile and typical market of US can be difficult to get by with. Therefore, it is indispensable for SM to hold on the tendency flow in US and for it should the timely and dearly-won attempt should be put.

There besides is good intelligence. Far East Movement, male musical group of four Asiatic people has shown the great success in US with voguish and alone vocals and public presentations. It was the first Asiatic group to gain the top 10 hit on dad charts. Despite the fact that their vocals themselves were non Asia-oriented, it is a positive instance that American market is non sole to Asia. As it has been discussed that typical k-pops are non assuring in US, SM can arise alone and typical music with the Asiatic colour.3 ) Strategic SellingAs US music amusement market is taken up by a few major companies, it can be hard for SM to derive a individual opportunity to come in into the market.

It is critical for SM to set up the schemes to get the better of the entry barriers. Even Beatles had to utilize particular selling scheme for US. The success instance of Girl ‘s Generation in Japan was a good illustration that we can borrow to US. Indirect communicating, visual aspect on Television show or other agencies to expose the vocalists and let go of their vocals, via I-tunes so to state, is the best option that SM can take for US market.9.

DecisionWe have analyzed the SM amusement company, its success instance in Japan, and future schemes for US. Entering into a new market is an highly complex undertaking, to be barely discussed with pages of paper. Still, the alone strengths that SM has, which other companies in the universe have n’t good established, are believed to be the most indispensable elements to drive a success in US.