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Explain the importance of quality of code The programmer needs to have lots of experience in coding in order to produce a high-quality code. They are being capable to solve any issues in creating software. They are able to produce reliable and robust systems by their programming skills. Quality code ensure that the system is easy to use and easily maintained by the user. It meets the user requirements as it doesn’t crash and respond appropriately. The code must have variety of codes structures and also use good variable names and correct code formatting. At the last, the code is well tested making it good quality. Attributes of quality code Some of the attributes are mentioned above. There are some attributes mentioned below. They are used to make good quality code. Reliable and robust: Sometimes users put different command in the program which causes program to crash. It also causes other problems like program freezes or didn’t accept the valid input values. The programmer needs to produce a program in such a manner, so that it can overcome any error produce during the distribution of the program. If the program is reliable and robust than it is able to overcome from many errors such as wrong user input. The program needs to create the program in such a manner so that it displays an error message when a user put wrong input which stop the program from being crashed. By using validation routines to check the program and testing before distribution makes program more reliable and robust. Usability  A high-quality program is easy to use. A programmer can design a virtual interface which makes the program simple, thus a user can easily interact with the program. It should be designed in such a manner to make the program easy to use. If a program needs to require some series of text and numeric commands than a program makes the program in such a manner so that it can accept some commands easily. If an interface has many controls than they can be organized into groups such as order of use or function etc. A user can easily understand the controls because they are in groups. So that they can easily find out how the program works. Portability  The high-quality programs must be portables so that it can be used on various software platforms and hardware devices. Portability is very important as if a program is designed for a specific user only runs on few platforms than it affect the way the program is used by the company. This means that a programmer needs to design a program so that it can run on any hardware. A language java can be used for this purpose or any language where the hardware has the correct program to run the software. Maintainability  A high-quality program needs less maintainability as compared to low quality program. When a program is launched, some of the errors discovered later after the distribution of the program, which needs to be fixed. The program also requires time to time updates to improve program functionality. A high-quality program is easy to maintain because there were some features like use of comments, good variable names and software structures used by good programmers in their programming. This improves the maintainability by making it easier to locate errors.