Exercising Exercising is mainly for cardiovascular fitness. Some people

Exercising today is very important to a person’s health. Exercising is mainly for cardiovascular fitness. Some people do it because they just enjoy it. Exercising also gently improves your health. Cursing exercise by Jose Pujalte Jr. focuses on the benefits of exercising. He stated. He also said that for him exercise is not an activity to make you think but to make you  physically healthy. There are three good benefits of exercising reasons why. Health benefits such as helping weight management, improve you quality of life and reducing the feelings of depression and anxiety. Across Asia, the Philippines is among those with the highest percentage of citizens who don’t exercise regularly mostly due to lack of time, lack of personal motivation and “distractions” of modern life, based on the latest Sun Life Financial Asia Health Index. The index which was drawn from a 2016 survey on 2016 survey on Asian’s attitudes towards healthy and active living showed that 61 percent of mid-income Filipinos don’t exercise regularly. The Philippines tied with Thailand and Malaysia in having the highest share of people from the so called “Generation O” typically described as “overworked, overweight, and overwhelmed”. Generation O refers to people who feel they are unhealthy but lack of time, facilities, resources or have existing disease problems that prevent them from going into healthy living.Jose Pujalte Jr’s mentioned that the most searched articles in time magazine is John Cloud’s “Why exercise won’t make you Thin” This article is all about the most widely accepted commonly assumptions in our culture is that if you exercise, you will lose weight, but according to John Cloud he exercise all the time but his weight is still the same because when he exercise he often eat more on the ways he work rather than on the days he don’t. I agree with John Cloud’s article that exercise won’t make us thin because we can eat anything we want especially after exercising. There is an 18month study in the International Journal of Obesity of 538 students who started to exercised showed that they ate more (about 100 calories more) Than they had just burned. The article also mentioned that according to Obesity Research (Columbia University) that you can only eat an extra 40 calories a day roughly a teaspoon of butter) before you start gaining weight again. The percentage of people who feel they lack of exercise in the Philippines has increased from  of 59 percent in the 2015 survey. When the country also posted one of the worst results apart from Thailand’s 65percent. We all know that exercising and eating healthy meals will keep our boy strong and it will help us to prevent diseases. “We have data showing that all causes of mortality are lowered by exercise” says Dr. James Dillard, author of The Chronic Pain Solution: Your Personal Path to Pain relief. “There’s less heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. People who exercise have fewer accidents and die less often from infections. Exercise is good for the heart and may prevent or delay chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure. It also helps maintain healthy weight and reduces cholesterol.Studies also show that exercise is safe and effective in reducing pain, stiffness and improving range of motion and overall strength in people with arthritis. According to the centers from Disease, Control and Prevention, regular exercise (along with quitting smoking) may lower your risk of many cancers. In a recent study a weight loss of 5% to 7% lowered the incidence of the disease by 50%. Fitness also can play a major role in maintaining normal blood-glucose levels and reducing or postponing long term cardiovascular complication. Some people spend a lot of time in their gadgets and engaging in social media than engaging in Physical activities. There is a strong evidence that exercise will lower the risk for stroke and osteoporosis and early death. Exercise boosts mood, raises 10 and gives confidence. The most common risk in exercising is injury to the muscles and joints. This usually happens from exercising too hard or too long. Heat exhaustion or a heat stroke is also risks of exercising. Research studies have shown that physically inactive people are more likely to have sudden fatal heart attacks that active people. Exercising too hard is not a good idea. A person should always be at a pace that he/she can handle. It is very important that is one both physically and mentally fit. Exercising plays a vital rose in our lives. It helps us in staying physically fit. Our human body is designed to move. If we don’t walk or exercise daily then we might easily get prone to different diseases. Exercise helps improving the strength and efficiency of cardiovascular system will improve the flow of oxygen and nutrition’s in our body. If your cardiovascular system is working fire then you will find everything easy and ultimate happiness in our life. Exercising only will help you in improving your muscle strength. Exercise will help you in maintaining your caught. If you are overweight, you can easily lose weight by exercising as you calories will burn during your workout. Exercise is crucial to supporting a fast metabolism and burning more calories per day. Physical activity helps you build muscles and strong bones. If a person engage in a regular physical activity it can increase his or her energy levels. Daily physical activity is essential in maintaining healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic disease. Exercise can also improve brain function and protect memory and thinking skills. Regular exercise also helps us to feel relax and sleep better. Regular physical activity, regardless of whether it is aerobic or a combination of aerobic and resistance training can help us sleep better and feel energized during the day. The article written by Jose Pujalte Jr. is full of information and justification of why exercise I important in a person’s life. I agree with the suggestion of the author that you don’t have to get into gym to do exercise. Brisk walking or doing some household chores is a form of exercise. 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