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Exercises to Help Relieve ArthrosisThe best exercises for arthrosis (OA) are low-impact exercises. You want to avoid extra impact on any joints. This is because if you have arthrosis in one of your joints, you might have it in other joints and it just isn’t showing up yet. So, keep in mind as you pick any exercise that it needs to be low-impact so that it doesn’t harm your joints. * Swimming – This is an excellent, complete all-over body exercise. The water helps take the weight off and lowers the impact of the movements that you make. Therefore, the range of movement that you can take is bigger. This is the best way to get the best workout.* Water Aerobics – You can also do more organized swimming with water aerobics. It’s a great way to do low-impact yet aerobic movements that will help you get more oxygen into your system. Extra oxygen is a great healer.* Stationary Bike Riding – This is also a good way to exercise if you have arthrosis. It’s different from a street bike because you don’t have the bumping you’d have on a road or even a bike trail. Therefore, it’s much safer. Plus, there is less risk of falling which is always good.* Yoga – There are all kinds of yoga that you can practice. When you’re new to it, it’s simple; find a practice that is for new people and beginners. Plus, there are different types of yoga and each person swears by a different type. Because it’s focused on stretching, it’s especially good for people with arthrosis. * Pilates – This is another stretching form of exercise that will improve flexibility, strength and give you more control over your body. There is no impact and all the movements can be modified for people with limitations. * Stretching – Make it a habit to stretch before and after any exercise that you do when you have issues with your joints. This will help activate lubrication and help avoid more damage to your joints. It can help to consult with an exercise physiologist or physical therapist to ensure that you are stretching properly. * Tai Chi Exercises – This works so well that the CDC even recommends that people with all forms of arthritis take up tai chi. The reason is that it helps improve balance which will prevent falls, and the movements are controlled in a manner that prevents injury. * Weight Training – Under the supervision of an exercise physiologist, weight training (or resistance training) provides many benefits for anyone with OA. Start slow and ensure that you’re doing the exercises properly, taking into consideration your condition. Even though you may not feel like moving much when you suffer from this painful condition, studies have proved that exercise does play an important role in providing relief and making OA easier to live with. Exercise creates strong muscles, lubricates the joints, and decreases bone loss. In addition, it helps control pain and swelling. Take it slow and commit to moving a little bit each day.