Examine how John Steinbeck presents the character Essay

We know this because throughout the course of he book Curlers wife is referred to as ‘Curlers wife’ instead Of her actual name. This suggests that she has no individualism as she is not presented as her own person but rather an asset of Curler’s just like his money, house and horses. The reference also suggests that the sass was a male dominated world, where men were the hierarchy in comparison to women, so the reason for this behavior could have been due to culture and tradition of the time.

Steinbeck also uses symbolism to represent Curlers wife as a sexual object, we know this because when George was new to the ranch and wanted to now about Curler, Candy told him “Well, that glove’s full Baseline… Curler says he’s keeping’ that hand soft for his wife. ” This quote suggests that Curlers sexual relationship is very important to him to the point of sacrificing a whole hand and wearing a glove all day, even throughout the scorching summer sun!

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The first reference to the relationship between Curler and his wife is referred to a ‘physical’ one, which shows that he sees his wife as a sexual object rather than a partner in life. Steinbeck could have used a ring or necklace which would be a token of their love, but rather her uses the glove f Baseline which is a token of their ‘sexual relationship’. The author portrays Curlers wife as an unhappy women, we know this because when Candy in a conversation with George before we meet Curlers wife he says “I seen her give Slim the eye. This quote suggests that Cur level wife may not be happy with her relationship with Curler possibly due to lack of attention and affection; she therefore tries to fill in these holes in her heart by finding attention from other men through flirtatious body language as we have been told by candy. The lack of attention from her husband as well as the other en on the ranch such as candy may make her feel ‘ugly, which would have a knock on affect on her confidence again adding to her sadness.

Steinbeck also uses imagery to symbolize that Curers wife is a trouble maker and bringer of evil. We know this because when she makes her first appearance in the bunk house with Candy, George and Leonie Steinbeck quotes ‘sunshine in the doorway was cut of. Light represents warmth, truth, innocence and paradise the absence of light however creates darkness which is associated with evil, danger and trouble.