Ex just played with Caleb as an important piece

Ex Machina
start out as an ominous thriller about a young programmer (Caleb) orbiting a
charismatic Dr. Frankenstein-type (Nathen) and slowly learning that the
scientist´s zeal to create AI (Artificial Intelligence) has a troubling, even
sickening personal agenda. This is a rare commercial film in which every scene,
sequence, composition and line deepens the screenplay´s themes. This is
something which means that when the bloody ending arrives, it seems less
predictable and right, as in myths for example.


With each
successive advance in technology, computers and robots take over more and more
responsibilities from humans each day. I think that this is a bad thing, that artificial
intelligence could spell the end of the human race. A balanced assessment
begins with examining the impacts AI has on society has a whole, and whether
that spells disaster, advancement, or a little bit of both.

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I think AI
is represented in a way to convince the skills shown in the film that humans
cannot do/answer. What I mean by it, is that AI has features like chess system.
(Diverse thinking possibilities) Robots are programmed to see the easiest
routes / opportunities that we humans do not have the opportunity to get to. For
example, Ava had planned all the sense who had an observer on the outside of
her prison, which at random would be Caleb. AI is a woman and this brings forth
the feeling of Caleb. She comes closer and closer to her heart, which causes
Caleb to get more sense in her perspective. AI is smarter than humans and in
this movie she had just played with Caleb as an important piece to make the
escape. And why I think so is because, she had one goal from in front of her to
be free from the so-called prison to Nathen. That´s why she puts Nathen in a
bad light to save herself.


My thoughts
on AI is that they have a better ability to present things because they are
programed to do that. AI don´t need ability to be a part of a family because
they are programed to do their work. AI have abilities to do better work then
humans and that’s one of their main thing that their made for. The cause of AI
can be that their substitute humans work and companies have no jobs left to
hirer you in. That’s the reason why I think this is bad things, that AI could
spell the human race.


I think
that this film will improve the ability’s that bay be the opportunity in the
future. This can be very bad and good for the future industry in factory,
stores and on oil rigs (maybe). This can be bad because they are steeling our
jobs and they don’t need payment to perform the job.