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Every year at least 1,200 are killed in America over sneakers. The problem has gotten so bad to where famous actor Mike Epps took time to say “It did not surprise me that kids would become violent and really ferocious about these shoes, because the way companies market them, they market them as if they are the dream. According to, (www.nola.com)  “On December 20, 2014 a man was fatally shot in New Orleans Louisiana at the Oakwood Mall over Jordan 11’s (Retro Blue).  The popular sneaker business has become an excellent way to make profit. Each time a product is made and sold in stores it causes people to try and get the shoes any way possible. While each fatal incident may seem like a freak occurrence, sneaker-motivated deaths can mount over time and there needs to be more severe consequences when this type of death takes place.              Shoe deaths are not something that you should lose you life over. The fact that the death behind shoes are a problem. It is sad when you hear that a man possibly a father was killed behind shoes that was not worth dying over. According to, (www.nj.com) Jamaal “Mally” Gaines, co-owner of East Coast Sneaker Boutique, a consignment footwear store in Rahway, NJ, was fatally shot on the street outside his own store. Some shoes are not worth killing over. Certain shoes are worth more than $1,000 or more when you can get an even better shoe for about $80 or lower. People would kill over any name brand shoes such as Jordans, Gucci, Fendi, etc. When in reality you do not ever have to kill anyone over a simple thing such as a shoe. Shoes are just something you put on your feet to wear it does not have to be fashion purposes or to show off to your friends. There has been many shoe deaths in the city of Detroit, for people who may not know Detroit is the most violent city in America. 2,137 per 100,000 are killed every year in the city of detroit and every year someone is killed over a pair of sneakers. The most common shoes that people are trying and are killing over are Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans. Every year someone dies over Air Jordans no matter if they came out 10 years ago people are still willing to murder someone behind these old shoes.              The man who created the shoe Michael Jordan has yet to make a response to the killings behind his shoes. In December 2014 an article posted by Naha Daily stated that Michael Jordan had said “I signed up for a check. Not to save lives” (www.snopes.com). Hearing what he say about little children even adults dying over his shoes would make you frustrated because Michael Jordan himself is a highly respected black person in this country and him not caring that people are dying especially black people it is just sad. According to, (www.snopes.com) Michael Jordan told an footaction employee during an in store sneaker signing that “kids dying over his shoes is not his problem”. He also said “I mean i am said, but it’s just not a problem I could fix”. To hear him say something so selfish like that it is just dishearten because he is lying about the fact that he can not do anything about the problem when he really can. Michael Jordan is a very affluent man and well known around the world. For those who do not know who he is Michael Jordan is a former NBA player who was inducted into the hall of fame in 2009, One of very few players to play in 6 NBA Championships and win all 6 times he went, Currently forth on the NBA all time leading scorers list, and most people would say he is the G.O.A.T.(Greatest Of All Time)of basketball. This same person who said he could not fix the problem of people being killed behind his shoes is the same person who is building prisons for black people to be put in. The history of Air Jordans though it can be Nike shoes, gucci shoes, more name brand shoes that people would kill another person over. When you really sit down and think about the number of people being killed over sneakers (1,200 a year), you will think to yourself and think of every solution you can think of to change the problem even though you do not have money, the power, the fame, the respect, the glory, etc. Shoes such as the particularly expensive Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga’s are the shoes people are willing to pay for but shoes like Nikes, Jordans, Adidas, they are willing to kill for when the prices are extremely different from each other.             More likely the shoe are going to kill somebody over are limited edition shoes. Limited edition shoes mean just that they are the shoes that the shoe store only have a certain amount of and they do not have all the size 6’s , 7’s in shoe size once the size is all out then no one else can buy the the shoes in their size that is one of the biggest reasons people decide to kill over shoes. In the article according to (www.qz.com) “As a general comment, let me just say we were extremely sensitive to the issues of violence associated with sneaker sales while making the document”. The price of shoes can be a major affect in shoe deaths. The price of shoes are tremendously increasing over time $1000 of dollars. Shoes such as Steve Maddens, and more are $1000. The killing of people in america over shoes are outrageous. Michael Jordan never decided to take a stand over people dying over his shoes. The brands of the shoes play a major part in shoe deaths. People are not willing to kill over basic shoes such as Reebok, Pumas, Fubu, and 1’s and more. Those types of shoes people can easily buy because of the prices like $40-50. Now the more popular shoes such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, which are the most popular shoes. Some of those shoes cost more than $200 and people are willing to kill over those. In malls, local stores, and or people will break into your own home just to take your sneakers. Since 1985 Air Jordans have been the most selling shoe. The shoe is so successful that people are willing to kill each other over the shoe. Some of the shoes people are willing to kill over are limited edition. For those who are not familiar what limited edition shoes they are shoes that the stores do not have enough of. Some shoes only have a certain amount of shoes like if a shoe store was to sell a brand new pair of Air Jordans but there limited edition meaning they do not have a lot of those particular shoes in the store. So people can get mad because they did not get the shoe that they have waited a long time to get. The style of the shoes are especially unique because they do not really see some shoes that look like certain shoes. Michael Jordans Air Jordans have been out, he had been re-selling those same shoes since he first came out with the shoe.             Many people already know that the shoes that MJ are releasing are shoes that have been came out already but people are just willing to buy them because they either was not born yet or they were to young to get. Some shoes are built different like some shoes fit in certain ways. Some shoes run small, if a shoe runs small that means you have to go a size up from what you normally wear. If you wear a size 5 in certain shoes you will have to get a size 6. Many people do not know this but Detroit is the most common place where this type of death (Shoe Death) happens. Detroit has already been known for one of if not the most violent city in america. From police violence, to robberies, and up to the shoe deaths detroit is just a well known dangerous city. A way to tell a major difference from the shoe is the material of the shoe which is a extremely special way of making of a shoe. Material of the shoe meaning the sole, the way the shoe looks, and more. Shoes are really nice to have but they are not worth taking someone’s life over. Nobody has seem to take action in these deaths, someone dies over shoe violence it will make its way to the news but it would not make its way to the point where a change needs to be made. Most people wait in lines literally LINES!! Just for shoes that should tell you a lot about a person’s life choices and how they decide to live it. Shoe deaths in America are just silly crimes people commit because action has not been taken yet. A change can be made  to stop this particular type of violence. Changes such as they need to have more security when they are releasing the shoes that they are selling. When these stores are selling the shoes they need to hire more security so that the violence never takes place. They can start making a change by giving people a life sentence when they commit a ridiculous crime over sneakers. As soon as the crime is committed they should immediately find the killer and give him life in jail. Another way if that they should really lower of the prices of their shoes. Shoes should not be over $70 because at the end of the day there just shoes. A price of the shoe can really judge how people feel about and towards the shoe. If shoes are over $150 people would not really buy the shoes because i mean look at the price of just a shoe. People would not pay as much for a shoe so what they will do is kill someone over it instead of just getting another kind or type of shoe. Reebok, Fubu, New Balance, other kind of shoes like that they are not the best shoe but they are shoes you can wear in public. Sure some people will pick on you for the type of shoes you have on bus you just have to ignore them and keep walking because while their out here spending all their money on shoes that are not worth it they can walk around with some basic shoes and still have a lot of money leftover to get whatever they want. Shoe deaths does not really occur in New Orleans ,Louisiana. It is a violent city but shoe deaths rarely happen in this city. Shoe companies need to improve the way they sell and produce sneakers so that this kind of violence can immediately stop. Once again Michael Jordan does not even take actions for when somebody dies over his shoes. He just looks as it as another death in America that he does not care about. The same man that pays for the prisons to get build for black people is the same man’s shoes are willing to pay for and had no care in the world for black people thats my opinion. He will say he cares but in reality he really does not because if he did he would not help build the prisons, he would not keep increasing the prices over his shoes making people kill another that can not afford the shoe.                   Some cities sell all kind of shoes and some just sell the basic shoes. In Baton Rouge there is a mall they call it the mall of Louisiana because that mall had everything that you need from accessories, to shoes , clothing, food, you name it they got it. So just imagine how much is killing is going on in Baton Rouge by them having all kinds of shoes even the limited edition ones that people really want but can not really seem to get. According to (www.qz.com) more than 1,200 people die every year of the violence of sneakers. You might not think that but that is a lot of killing over sneaker per year. Most deaths are really by gun violence or police brutality but when you hear someone dying over sneakers you sit and ask yourself what is going on in the world that will just make someone take another person’s life over shoes. Think about it a father, a brother, a son, a husband, losing their life over something so little and simple. Death can hurt someone but death over sneakers would really hurt someone by the reason of them dying. Nikes are shoes people also die over because nikes are a very popular shoe and had been a mortally popular for a long time. Shoe deaths in America are hurtful to hear about it and it is really depressing when you have to hear that someone has lost their life over that. That is why the government should really step up their protection for the citizens in these cities because you will never know who is dying and what they are dying over. Police brutality is the most common death because white cops kills black men so everyone jumps to conclusions. While everyone is sitting there worrying about the white and black man another black man is out there losing his life over something basic as shoes.              Ultimately,