Every not seen.Faith moves mountains, Faith works miracles and

Every believer has at one point or the other, heard the word **FAITH**> Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.Faith moves mountains, Faith works miracles and all other stuffs we’ve heard about faith. But then, one thing we’re ignoring is the aspect about works. The King James version also call it works! We go ahead claiming we’ve got faith. Oh, I can achieve that, I’ve got faith. I’d definitely get a good job, I’ve got faith! ***I’ll become a whale on steemit, I’ve got faith!*** But then, where are your works?  What conscious effort have you made towards achieving that goal or desire you have? What are the deeds you can show as evidence that you will attain that position you want to get to?> If you have faith you are going to get a good job, what conscious efforts have you made towards achieving that?How many places have you dropped your cv?If you plan on becoming a successful entrepreneur, when was the last time you tried improving on that skill that you think will make you blow? If you plan on making it big on steemit, when was the last time you made good research before making a post?  When was the last time you interacted with someone on steemit that you know can help you improve more on steemit? How about putting more quality on your posts rather than just go begging for upvotes and having the faith that some whale would notice you overnight.### Faith without works, indeed is dead! Another aspect of this is the fact that people actually watch out for our works and justifies our faith based on our works. Let’s use David as an example. David was sent to deliver food to his brothers who were in the war field. He got to find out about Goliath and decided to challenge him. He had faith that he could defeat him. So he walked up to King Saul and told him he’d love to go up against Goliath. > Saul was doubtful until David showed him his works! David told him how he had killed a lion with his bare hands and how he had defeated a bear with same hands. He was able to convince Saul that Goliath would definitely end up the same way. He backed up his faith with his works!Where are your works? What do you have to show for all those things you aim at achieving? Where indeed are your works?