Every down to tablet and handheld smartphones (hswsolutions.com). Nowadays

Every man has their own
techniques on how to conduct a survey. It could be by means of face to face
surveys, telephone surveys, self-administered paper and pencil surveys, and
self-administered computer surveys (typically online). Survey is a method of
generalizing the results to a larger population. It also provides a critical
source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged in the information
economy, from businesses and the media to government and academics (qualtrics.com).
The purpose of having a survey or conducting a survey is to know the feedback
of the customer or client and at the same time it is for the betterment of
services they offered.

is very powerful in today’s modern world most especially to millennial.
Tablets, iPad, netbook, personal computers, smartphones, and lots more are the
product of technology. Through the use of technology, it can make everybody’s
work easier. If it were not for technology advancing, then mobile application
and websites would not be invented.

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Mobile web is similar to
any other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are
linked together and accessed over the Internet. The obvious characteristic that
distinguishes a mobile website from a standard website is the fact that it is
designed for the smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface.
Increasingly, responsive web design is becoming the new standard for websites
that are not only mobile-friendly, but that can scale to any sized device –
from desktop down to tablet and handheld smartphones (hswsolutions.com). Nowadays
you can already have survey through the use of technology and with the help of
mobile web the system will be a user friendly. The Pulse Asia Research Inc. is
a good sample of companies that uses technology for their survey. With this
regard the researchers came out to develop a Mobile Web Clientele Satisfaction
Survey wherein it will assess the performance of each office or unit that are
directly interacting with the students of Bicol University Polangui Campus.

University Polangui Campus is one of the satellite campuses of Bicol
University, located in Centro Occidental, Polangui, Albay. The school was then transferred under the Commission
on Higher Education (CHED), Region V in the school year 1997-98. On the
December 14, 2000, by virtue of R.A. 7722, R.A. 8292 & R.A. 8769 the school
was integrated to Bicol University as one of its units and changed the name
into Bicol University Polangui Campus .It
has four departments namely; the Computer and Engineering Studies Department,
Teacher Education Department, Technology and Entrepreneurship Department and
lastly the Nursing and Health Sciences Department. From the five courses
offered in 2000, it now offers fourteen courses. It has a quality policy that states,
“Bicol University commits to continually strive for excellence in instruction,
research and extension by meeting the highest level of clientele satisfaction
and adhering to quality standards.”  One way to measure the quality of
services rendered, a clientele satisfaction survey is conducted every end of
the term.  

This survey process is done manually.  Only Ten Percent (10%) of the total enrolment
is required to evaluate the units.  Not
everyone is given the opportunity to assess the services of various offices.
Collating the completed forms and tabulating the responses is quite difficult
due to lack of manpower.  Some students
are not familiar with the officer in charge of the office.  In this regard, the researchers thought of
developing an automated clientele satisfaction survey using the web and mobile
technology that will help the administration obtain immediate feedback and to
increase survey responses rate.

and Description

            Clientele Satisfaction Survey is develop to evaluate each
office of Bicol University. The purpose of this online survey is to minimize
the work done by the Associate Dean and to achieve its quality policy. The
researchers also want to lessen the time that the students will consume because
they only need to do is to click. The feedback will serve as guide for their
enhancement for each office for better results.


            The general objective of the study is to develop a
Clientele Satisfaction Survey for Bicol University using Mobile Web technology
to facilitate the process of getting the semestral clientele feedback.

it aims to:

the existing Clientele Satisfaction System and identify problems and

mobile and web technology in developing the system; and

Test the
level of acceptability in terms of the system’s functionality, accuracy and

and Limitations

study focuses on developing Mobile Web Clientele Satisfaction Survey for Bicol
University. The system involves Clientele Satisfaction Survey, Summary of the
Survey, Graph, Analysis of the Results, Opinion Poll and the data should be
archive for the references purposes if needed.

            Clientele Satisfaction Survey, the
system will display the survey about the different offices.

            Summary of the Survey, this will show a
report of the survey that each students evaluate.

Graph is another feature of this system.
Graph will show the difference between the previous survey and the present

            Analysis of the Results, when the graph
is done, the system will now analyze the results. This is the time where the
system will generate a report that will show if there is something that has

The researchers will anchor the Rapid
Application Development of Shelly and Rosenblatt as their
methodology for their system. The researchers will use HTML as their markup
language, PHP as scripting language and a software like Dreamweaver for coding
for the system. For the enhancement of the photo, the researchers will use
Adobe Photoshop. For holding and managing databases the researchers will use
MySQL Database and Structured Query Language (SQL). XAMPP will also use as
client-server. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as default browser. The
expected time-frame for the construction of the system is within the estimated
time of 3-4 months.

   The analyses of the results of the clientele
satisfaction evaluation survey is limited to the availability of data or
information. The possible cause(s)
of the increase or decline in the ratings of certain office/unit might be an
external factor(s) that cannot be extracted from the system and be based on the
assessment of the Associate Dean.

researchers will limit the stages of the Cut-Over phase which is the User
Training. This system will also be roll-out to Bicol University Polangui