Ethics, by that game and they got real guns

Ethics, a branch of philosophy which defines
what is good for individuals and society. At the games industry grows more and
more people are engaging with games on various platforms. Add to this the ever
developing technology that not only makes games more realistic, but changes the
way we interact them and then the Ethical Issues in the gaming industry becomes
more important than ever. Now let us critically identify those above identified
ethical issues.

Initially I’ll discuss about the basic
Ethical Issue “Violence”. Now a days games are being mostly developed based on
violence and content related to violence. This may lead the one who play such
sort of games to follow those kind of violent activities such as Killing
Innocent People, Theft, etc. in their real life too. These sort of issues will
have impact on both the Children and Adolescents. This can be proved by a real
world example which held at America where two players were affected by the game
First “Manhunt”. This game was more controversial and it is based on hunting
other people and killing innocent people in most awful way. Those two players
were got inspired by that game and they got real guns in their hands to go on a
two hour long killing process. But somehow police were managed to shot those
two. This also led to ban the second edition of the game “Manhunt” by British
Board of Film Classification and the game developers edited out the most
violent parts and lifted the ban in 2008. So this is how Violence plays as an
Ethical Issue in Gaming Industry. It affects the individual’s life and leading
them into an awkward path which may be end in danger.

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The next ethical issue I’m going to discuss is
Addiction. This is also concerned as a Social Issue too. But here I’m going to
explain in an ethical perspective. This is one of the most debated issues in the
gaming industry. And also the addiction can be seen mostly towards Violent
Video Games. According to Jimmy Dan (n.d) video games such as ‘Mortal
Combat’, ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ are highly addictive and he also
have been stated that how addiction affects an individual’s life. This also exhibits
that only limited number of gamers will like to buy normal games rather than
that of highly addictive games. Most of the game developers will develop games
by targeting teenagers as their target customers since teenagers are addicted
to insistent games. As a consequence of this practice it directly violates the
universal ethical principles respect for others, honesty and fairness. Individuals
might also get affected by losing their valuable time in spending with games
rather than spending it in a more beneficial way.

Representation of Sensitive Information in
games is another ethical issue aspect in gaming. Even though it is illegal in
films it is not so much in games, but there are situations which this will
happen depending on the developer and the title. Since now no games have been supported
this issue except one game “Devil May Cry”. This game forced the religious
outcry. This can be cited as an example of this ethical issue where this game claim
Jesus as a devil and was banned in US for about one week and the court lifted
its ban considering it was just as  a
fiction. So developers must take into account that they should not create a path
to create a bad image to any Gender or Race, especially Religion since all of
us are following some sort of religion.

And at last I would like to describe about
the Ethical Issue, Formation of Cheats for Games which is crucial nowadays. As I
mentioned above this sort of issue can be mostly seen in Multiplayer Online
Games. Is it ethical to cheat one player of a game where the other uses the
cheat codes to play it? Where Cheating launch the various perceptions similar
to, if the gamers could use cheats and if the game is less complicated to play
why do we have to play without cheating? According to Morch (2003) 35% of the
games being hacked in 1997 and now it is growing drastically due to the
advancement of technology. He even says that the hackers uses two different
methods such as Cheating by Conspiracy and Cheating by modifying games software
or data. Mostly they do this for some specific things such as to make money, to
not to lose the winning streak in a game, etc. Here I would cite an example, a
game called “Battlefield” which launched in 1942 had a great market and
suddenly it went down due to some cheats formated for that game by hackers. According
to Aboukhadijeh (2009) those hackers and cheaters are a real threat to the
gaming industry and also they take unethical advantage by violating the ethical
principles such as Respecting Others, Treating others in an equal manner, Honesty
and Acting with Integrity.