Estimated Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will help

Estimated more than 220,000-316,000 people were killed.On january 12, 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti.Red Cross stated “up to three million people have been affected” Haiti’s envoy to the US have said “the cost can go up to billions”The earthquake left more than 1.5 million people homeless.The earthquake hit at 4:53 pm.Haiti is the third largest country in the caribbean, behind cuba.The earthquake lasted 35 seconds up to a minute.The countries that helped haiti after the devastating earthquake were USA, Canada,France,Italy,republic of Korea, and Spain.                                                       The United States provided about $884 million dollars mainly for assistance.Over 300,000 (injured)55,107 people are still homeless as of 20163,978 schools destroyed   Haiti earthquake magnitude |—–)  7 , soon followed by aftershocks of magnitude 5.9 and 5.5Before the earthquake even happened, Haiti was ranked one of the poorest countries in the world.Since many hospitals were destroyed survivors had to wait for treatmentAbout 190, 000 houses were brutally damaged, and about 100,000 were destroyedGeologists blame this earthquake on the movement of the Caribbean tectonic plateEstimated around nearly 3 million people affectedMany hospitals were not usable, survivors forced were forced to wait days for their treatmentIn 2012 still half a million people remained in tentsBy 2013 360,000 people were still in tents, this number decreased because of a Canadian sponsored company which helped nearly 30,000 peopleBy 2014, only 100,000 people remained in campsAt least 52 aftershocks had hit by January 24, 2010 with a magnitude of 4.5+January 14, 2010 around a thousand bodies placed on streets and pavementUS president Barack Obama announced former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will help raise funds for Haiti’s recoveryTrade and Industry minister Josseline Colimon Fethiere estimated that Haiti’s economy will drop with 1 in 5 jobs lostIn the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake Canadian government announced that it will donate$50 millionCanada’s total contribution was $135 million by January 19, 2010At the end of 2010 3,333 people had died with the rate of 50 deaths a dayAfter 1 year only 55 of the rubble was gone$4.5 billion donated for reconstruction