English individuals serving in the military. A. Reason #1

English 10                                        Persuasive Speech Outline           Ms. Rad  55 pts KSI. Introduction:  MEMORIZEDA. Attention getter:  Right now there are about 15,000 transgender people serving in the military.B. Slope (background information on topic): Trump recently announced that he is going to put a ban on people who identify as transgender from joining the military. Trump made this announcement via Twitter on July 26th of 2017.C. THESIS:  Overall, there should not be a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military. A. Reason #1 As long as you are capable, have the ability, and skills to serve in the military it shouldn’t matter if the individual is part of the LGBTQ community or not. 1.EVIDENCEAccording to Jennifer Sims in her article called , ¨I am a transgender in the military” she states that being in the military should not be based on gender and that it should be based on the individual’s ability. Jennifer Sims also stated in this article that ¨open transgender in the military makes us a stronger military¨.2. EVIDENCE According to Alex ward,  ¨there is no evidence that trans people are less deployable than other troops.¨3. Explanation(s) I believe that no matter what an individual classifies as, they should be allowed to do the same things as people not in the LGBTQ community. Troops should be tested by their ability and not what they classify as. 4. ONE Appeal – (PERSONAL APPEAL)   Trump clearly has no right to ban people that identify as transgender from serving in the military, they should be tested the same as someone who is not.5. ONE Rhetorical device –  RHETORICAL QUESTION   If you were transgender and you wanted to and had the ability to serve in the military but weren’t allowed, how would you feel ?B. Reason #2   Furthermore, transgender people should be treated the same as any other heterosexual person in the military. 1. EVIDENCE – According to Don Kusler, ¨discrimination is no way to make america great¨. Don states that we have a long history of restricting military services and excluding certain types of people from serving in the military. Certain individuals have been denied from being able to serve in the military, not based on their ability but based on what or who they are.2. EVIDENCE – According to  Landon Marchant in his article called, ¨Why so many transgender americans find refuge in military services¨, ?e states , ¨Trump announcing his plan to ban transgender people from the military, told me that he believes transgender people do not deserve respect.¨3. Explanation(s)- There is no difference between someone in the LGBTQ community compared to someone who isn’t when it comes to serving in the military, everyone should be treated with the same respect no matter what they identify as.4. ONE Appeal-HIGHLIGHT & LABEL -PERSONAL APPEAL  I believe that the same amount of respect should be shown to everyone no matter if they are part of the LGBTQ community or not. 5. ONE Rhetorical device – HIGHLIGHT & LABEL – RHETORICAL QUESTION If you put yourself in a transgenders shoes how would you want to be treated? C. Counterargument – Some people say that transgenders have no right to serve in the military.1. EVIDENCE – According to Joseph R. Murray a source that goes against my argument where he supports the opposing viewpoint stating that Trump’s banning of transgender is unfair but correct. 2. EVIDENCE – Hatch announced after Trump’s July tweets. “I don’t think we should be discriminating against anyone. Transgender people are people, and deserve the best we can do for them,” 3. Explanation(s)- (Your own words). I honestly think that everyone is a equal, no one should be kicked out of the military just because who they are and what they identify as in their  personal life and personal time.4. ONE Appeal – HIGHLIGHT & LABEL -.PERSONAL APPEAL  I do not see how banning someone from the military because of what they classify as has anything to do with their abilities. 5. ONE Rhetorical device–HIGHLIGHT & LABEL  ALLITERATION Transgenders should still stay serving in the militaryIII. Conclusion   MEMORIZEDA. Restate Thesis: In conclusion, the banning of transgender people in the military is unfair and overall not right.B. Summarize main ideas: Transgender people are just like anyone else and should be able to serve in the military no matter what they classify as. C. Profound statement/call to action: In order to make the military equal transgenders should not be banned.