enforce that they obtain from the European Union, not

enforce the fact that when the government comes to a power directly on the basis of free and universal elections, also when such government has a factual power to create a new policy and when the executive, legislative and judicial power that has been created by the new democracy which means that this new democracy doesn’t have to share its power to the other organs.Regional integration – EU integrationsThe main reason for writing about regional integration is actually because of the European Union and its major overview. We can notice that EU is providing higher range of regional integration implying that Union is even more than regular union of countries who are sharing barriers, which actually brought us to the fact of the background in the foundation of the European Union and when we take this background into the consideration there is a clear sight on EU overview especially that lays down in specific part of foundation which is about even forming a Union of European countries where we can all remember the fact that Union is formed especially to ‘erase’ boundaries and to put focus on the economic integrations among countries, to forget wars and to spread democracy according to the democratic transitions that are present as a special section of the European Union. Regional integration is the process of overcoming barriers that divide neighboring countries, by common accord, and of jointly managing shared resources and assets. Essentially, it is a process by which groups of countries liberalize trade, creating a common market for goods, people, capital, and services. The European Union advocates regional integration as an effective means of achieving prosperity, peace, and security.(https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/economic-growth/regional-integration_en; 28thDecember 2017, 8 pm)We can also come into view on how does the new generations that are raised in Union sees benefits and there is a question that can be asked and its about these new generations which are on do they even appreciate benefits that they obtain from the European Union, not even mentioning the purpose of foundation Union and its installation into a higher force that is instantly, and the question that frightens the most is what will be in the future when