endorsed media team.Hillary Clinton’s tweets have a less personal

endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four
more years of Obama—but nobody else does!”(Trump) which directly insults
former President Obama and his opponent Hillary Clinton.Donald Trump’s another
tweet was on Hillary Clinton’s email controversy and Melania Trump’s speech
which gained a lot of attention from media ”The media is spending more time
doing a forensic analysis of Melania’s speech than the FBI spent on Hillary’s
emails.”(Trump). The Melania Trump’s speech received negative comments and
criticism which affected Donald Trump’s campaign. In this tweet, Trump tries to
shift the focus from his wife Melania Trump’s speech to Hillary Clinton’s email
controversy. From these tweets, it can be easily seen that the main purpose of
Donald Trump is to draw negative comments towards Hillary Clinton in order to
make her look bad.While his tweets didn’t directly send a message, the
attention he gained from them shows that Twitter has a huge impact on Donald
Trump’s propaganda.On the contrary, Hillary Clinton used Twitter for more
political reasons. Clinton’s posts are mainly about her campaign and are
usually created by her social media team.Hillary Clinton’s tweets have a less
personal touch than Trump’s.The tweets are more focused on the aim and show
eager for the campaign.She has a social media team of 100 people.The social media
tweets from the voice of Hillary.The tweets are direct and
straightforward.However, there has been a few times Hillary and her team
responded to Donald Trump.Hillary responded the tweet about Obama and Clinton
mentioned above by tweeting ”Delete your Account”. The media team mentioned
that they wanted to make it very clear that Hillary is very proud of Obama’s
record and of his support and is eager to continue and develop on the progress
that he has made when they responded the Trump’s tweet.(Khan) Similarly, on
Facebook, their use of the platform didn’t change.On Facebook, Donald Trump was
more visual than he was on Twitter.He used graphics which supports his
opinions, short videos where he talks about his views, texts of press releases
and photos from rallies. His team spent a big percentage of their budget to
find new ways of using the digital tools and platforms on Facebook.Trump and
his team created ads on Facebook.These ads were focused on concerns of
people.They tried to find specific problems which people cared about.Their aim
was to make people watch the ads who normally wouldn’t watch and believe tv
commercials.Thanks to Facebook, a lot of people did actually watch the videos
that actually covered their concerns.Trump’s Facebook page sent a message to
its followers that the subjects they worry about will be fixed by Donald
Trump.Similarly, Hillary Clinton and her media team also invested a big part of
their budget to facebook ads which helped her followers to find out information
just with one click.She shared her movements through her campaign and kept her
feed updated so that her followers can see the campaign.



Overall, The political propaganda played
a huge role in the election campaign.For this reason, both Donald Trump and
Hillary Clinton invested in their media and ads.They both focused on tv ads and
social media.Even though they used similar sources, their style and the message
they delivered were different.While Donald Trump’s propagandas focused on
citizen’s fears and sent a message that Trump will make ‘America great again’
by basically eliminating the factors for fear, Hillary Clinton focused more on
equality and human rights.Her propaganda sent a message that she will be a
president and do her best for not only her supporters but for everyone in the
United States of America.While Hillary Clinton’s propaganda was more logical,
Donald Trump’s propaganda gained more attention and said what citizens of
America wanted to hear. 

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