Empowering and organizations with philanthropic motive and a rational

Empowering women is
seen as one of the central issues in the process of sustainable development for
many nations. This burning issue is being aggravated by socio- economic,
psychological and other factors most of which are age-old and deep rooted in
our society. Since the practice dies hard, social ethos and superstitions are
socially sub charged it is very difficult to tackle these problems easily. But
with strong determination, commitment involvement of people and organizations
with philanthropic motive and a rational outlook, this problem can be solved
and hurdled be overcome for promoting national rejuvenation and development.
There are three different dimensions of women’s empowerment, namely

Personal empowerment1

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Relational empowerment2

Societal empowerment3

ELEANOR ROOSEVELT was an American politician, diplomat and
activist. “First Lady of the World” in tribute to her human rights
achievements said that

woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is, until it’s in a hot

Contemporary societies
across the world have been exposed to the major processes of transformation on
social and economic development front. However, these processes have not been
implemented in a balanced way and have augmented gender imbalances throughout
the world in which women remain the ultimate sufferer. The situation has a
adversely affected the pace of women empowerment. Therefore, we require a
completely transformed society in which equal opportunities of growth can be
suitably provided to women so that theu can co-exist with their male
counterparts contributing equally in all the factors responsible for the growth
of society in a larger sense. So if we want to bring about women empowerment in
the true sense, there is a crying need for the elimination of the male
superiority and patriarchal male mindset. Also, women need to be given equal
opportunities for education and employment without any sense of discrimination.
Unless there is attitudinal change in society towards women, merely arming them
with legal and constitutional rights will be simply inadequate. Women
Empowerment helps to make the society and the world a better place to live in
and march forward on way to inclusive participation. It means increase
happiness for the family and the organizations where women make a difference. I
also want to conclude the famous quote of a great leader and a social work that
is also known for her various roles in a society. EMMA WATSON,

Women feel like we need permission….We
need to lead and change that.

Whereas some
requirements are necessary for promoting women’s economic participation- an
understanding of the circumstances and challenges of women; political will;
policies and legislation founded on gender equality; partnerships that embrace
government entities, the private sector and civil society organizations;
capacity-building initiatives that strengthens the knowledge and skills of
individual women and of their collectives; provisions of support services and
infrastructure that make it possible for women to undertake wage employment and
private enterprise; and revision of discriminatory socio-cultural beliefs and
practices that create a dichotomy between the roles of, and value accorded to
women. As QUAID-E AZAM said in his

“No nation can rise to
the height of glory, unless your women are side by side with you; we are
victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut
up within the four walls of the houses, as prisoners.”


Islamic Republic of
Pakistan was attained 63 years ago to practically exercise the Islamic laws and
to live the lives according to those principals which ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY and PROPHET
MOHAMMED (P.B.U.H) practically presented. But after 63 years, Government of
Pakistan has failed to implement those laws so women are still the most
affected and vulnerable part of this society. Although various political
government of Pakistan had taken some steps towards women empowerment but it is
only effective for our very low proportion of urban women, our rural women is
still have been living in the miserable condition  with poverty, ignorance and victim of
violence. This study is an attempt to direct the policy makers that if we want
to give the Pakistani women its true regard and status then we have to
implement the Islamic Laws regarding women rights along in this regard. At the
end, it is concluded that women empowerment which is declared as Millennium
Development Goal by UNDP4
could be achieved only when all concerned bodies will work in cooperation by
understanding the factors analyzed in this paper. The society as a whole has to
understand women’s capabilities and their contributions to the developmental
process because it is very well said;”Women are the real architect of the

In conclusion, I would
like to plea to all men, please treat all women with respect, treat them good,
provide them with opportunities of education and encourage them in practical
fields, as said by MAO:

hold half the at the same height, as by men.”

Individual’s personal
beliefs as well as actions

Beliefs as well as action and relation to relevant other

3 Situation of a women in the broad societal context

4 Pakistan has
adopted 16 targets and 41 indicators against which progress towards achieving
the eight goals of the Millennium Development Goals is measured.