Employability and Enterprenuership a Report On Career Action Plan Essay

Human resources is the anchor of any labour administration, therefore deficiency of Career Action Plan of an single or manque employees ( Graduates ) could be black for employers. Serena ( 2010 ) stresses that Career Action Plan refers to an lineation that helps an single discover the stairss that his required to take in order to accomplish his ultimate calling mark. Therefore this study talks about my calling action program and occupational research of six difference labour administration.

I have chosen to happen a occupation in a service industry, which for illustration includes retail trade, banking, transit, etc. The why I have chosen the service industry is because of my past occupation experiences in conveyance & A ; logistics, hotel web decision maker, and based on the current class am analyzing at the University which Business Administration of which human resources is my major. I have taken six administrations into consideration runing from big, medium and little sized labour administration to happen these employability accomplishments and what they expect from us as a alumnus. The six labour administrations I have chosen to use for employment after my graduation are Royal Mail, HSBC, Premier Inn, Aon, Zurich, Pitney Bowes.

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2.0 Occupational Research

2.1. Footings of Mention

Human resources holds a phenomenal function in the entire success or failure of a labour administration such as recruiting, industrial and employee dealingss, disposal of forces files, which would enable the company to make strategic ways of covering with specific jobs. This subdivision of the study will research alumnus chances in the UK ‘s service industrial sector. In add-on, this portion of the study will look into six different labour administrations in the service industry, bespeaking employment demands for alumnus occupations, it will besides bespeak the accomplishments, experience and cognition required by labour administrations. This study will be concluded with a sum-up of the chief findings in relation to graduate chances in this sector.

2.2. Methodology

The occupation research method I applied to happen occupations in service industrial sector were both primary and secondary. Information obtained were quantitative such as in Secondary research which includes newspapers, different published studies and web sites. In Primary research, I had a telephone conversation with a professional recruiter such as Lou Bullock, inquiring her about the occupation choice methods company applied.

2.3. Main Findingss

2.3.1 General employment tendencies in human resources

Human resource is one the most import and critical section of any concern endeavor, but with the UK still in the recovery procedure from the planetary recession, there has been a rapid lessening in occupations in about all flat professional labor field for illustration recent informations extracted from Office of National Statistics, ONS ( 2010 ) explains that “ Manufacturing end product decreased by 14.2 per cent, while occupations decreased by 10 per cent. Construction end product fell by 12 per cent, and occupations by 6.9 per cent. In the services sector, entire end product decreased by 4.5 per cent but occupations by a relatively modest 1.2 per cent. Government and other services occupations really increased by 2.4 per cent, but there were comparatively larger falls of 4.4 per cent in concern and finance occupations and a 3.2 per cent lessening in distribution, eating houses and hotel occupations. By and large, as concerns face costs in altering the volume of their work forces, typically referred to as ‘firing & A ; engaging ‘ costs, which is normal for transference in employment to cut down volatility and slow end product. As cyclical decreases are expected to be impermanent, labour administration may prefer to absorb the costs of decreased use of capacity. Furthermore, compared to old planetary recessions, the diminution in the sum of occupations experienced so far is comparatively flat, particularly given the rapid autumn in end product ”.

With singular growing in engineering impacting the end product of occupations either by new package helping in the executing of occupations in shortest possible clip. It is predicted that in 2012, that the UK economic system will retrieve from the planetary recession. In recent times, labour administrations make a huge usage computing machine and cyberspace, therefore happening a occupation in labor markets has become comparatively easy to come in as alumnuss normally have proficiency in the usage of computing machines and Microsoft bundles. The human resource section is a fast and progressively developing one, therefore apart from enrolling, the HR can help in assorted administrative responsibilities. The service sector histories for 70 % of the UK ‘s gross domestic merchandise, ONS ( 2000 ) .

2.3.2 Opportunities for recent alumnuss

Alumnuss in concern profession can work in assorted administration for illustration ; little, medium and big size concern endeavor, non -for -profit houses “ charity ” , non- authorities administration ( NGO ) , fiscal establishments, authorities administrations. Labour administrations that offers graduate occupations in human resource, includes:

Royal Mail


Premier Inn




Human resource alumnuss can execute different occupations in labour administrations list above, runing from enlisting, choice, disposal of forces files and legal paperss that relate to employment, organisational design and development, concern direction, behavior direction, industrial and employee dealingss, analysis and forces informations direction, compensation and benefits direction, preparation and development of new recruits. Some of these companies offer paid internships to undergraduate pupils and alumnuss in order to incorporate and set to utilize their accomplishments and cognition. There are advertizements of different occupations on enlisting web sites and besides on assorted labour administration ‘s web sites. Internship/Placements is of import to undergraduates and alumnuss as it helps the with cognition of their chosen future occupation and besides to derive experience in their field of survey.

2.3.3 Summary of accomplishments, cognition & A ; experience required

Alumnus with desires to work in human resource section of administration, he or she must be equipped with appropriate cognition and accomplishments in communicating, which is really of import. Thus employer wants the right alumnus to set in pattern the accomplishments and cognition that they learned in the university, for improvement and success of the company. Committedness is besides an of import component for manque employees. A alumnus should be a squad participant, he should be able to use different job work outing techniques. Furthermore, alumnus should be proficient in the usage of different types of package applications like, Microsoft packages ; excel, power-point, MS word, etc. Employers besides want alumnuss to possess analytical accomplishments. They must be able to help in other assorted administrative responsibilities of the company. Candidates most be able to adhere to the company ‘s functions and policy. The tabular array below indicates employment demands for alumnus places from the six administrations I have chosen:


Job rubric


Royal Mail

Branch Manager

Graduate grade, Experience of working under force per unit area within a fast paced, face to confront gross revenues environment

Proven experience of meeting and transcending gross revenues marks

Ability to bring forth gross revenues referrals and cross sell merchandises

Excellent client service accomplishments with the ability to cover with multiple clients demands

Ability to pass on efficaciously with co-workers and clients

Experience of working within Financial Services would be an advantage

Experience of adhering to compliance ordinances.

( Royal Mail, 2010 )


Commercial direction Programme

Minimal demand: 2:1 grade, any subject

Duration: 2 old ages

Get downing salary: ?20,000.

( HSBC, 2010 )

Premier Inn

Food and Beverage Manager

Graduate degree or equivalent

F & A ; B direction experience

Experience of working with a budget and fiscal informations

Experience of taking and actuating a squad

Excellent communicating accomplishments, written and verbal

Good degree of numeracy and literacy and able to utilize Personal computer

Able to utilize ain enterprise

Excellent planning and control accomplishments

Technical accomplishments in the countries of nutrient hygiene, nutrient handling and other F & A ; B related wellness and safety demands.

( Whitbread, 2010 )


Staff Development Officer

Knowledge of insurance in general

Experience of preparation bringing & A ; design

Basic cognition of the FSA Conduct of Business ordinances.

IPD – Certificate in Training Practice

The Training Foundation – Trainer Assessment Programme

CII – Certificate in Insurance

( Aon, 2010 )


General Management

Minimal 2:1 grade ( or equivalent ) and at least 280 UCAS points ( or equivalent )

Flexibility on location as some of our programmes require you to work in different sites.

( Zurich, 2010 )

Pitney Bowes

Financial Adviser

Alumnus with high squad spirit, honestness, dependable, focal point and integrated.

2.3.4 How alumnuss are selected

Graduate manque employees are selected on different footing of professions survey, by which first category edict is more preferred in order to derive employment in a transnational concern endeavor. Job choice procedure are based on personality, accomplishments, cognition and experience. However, labour administrations use different choice procedures, with newer engineerings introduced in the universe of concern, the choice procedure of campaigners has besides changed. Conversely, most administrations require appliers to use online for vacancy, but the most normally used are the undermentioned stairss:

Measure 1: On-line application signifier

In this measure most organisation give graduates the first undertaking of registering their inside informations and subjecting an application signifier, utilizing an online system.

Measure 2: Numeric and verbal testing

If a alumnus application passes some initial eligibility cheques, they will be invited to finish series of verbal and numeral trials. These trials assess some basic accomplishments a alumnus needs to win at any of their chosen administration.

Measure 3: Interview

If a alumnus passes the online trials, employers will so transport out a elaborate reappraisal of their CV and application, look intoing the alumnuss experience and accomplishments against the choice standards for each occupations. If the application is satisfactory to them, the alumnus will so be contacted to set up a one on one ( in individual ) or telephone interview.

Measure 4: Appraisal Centre

The concluding phase in this stairss is a full-day appraisal at any chosen Centre by the employer, depending. Alumnuss are given specific trials, thatwill let the employer to take a closer expression at their ability to work as a squad, determinations doing under force per unit area and respond to informations. Which is besides a opportunity for alumnuss to run into possible hereafter co-workers and inquire employers any inquiries they still have.

Measure 5: Offer

If a alumnus performs good at the appraisal Centre, employers shortly be in touch with an offer to fall in any chosen programme within a given period of clip.

3. Personal contemplation

This subdivision of the study will concentrate on the cognition I have gained from this study, what are my strengths and failings are, compared to the research done in this study.

3.1 Personal analysis

I think I have most of the accomplishments required by the mentioned employers in this study, I have besides gained and learned a batch, based on the parttime occupations I have done in the yesteryear for illustration ; Amity Hotel and Royal Mail. Despite the fact that I was merely a mere employee, But I was really cognizant of the labour environment and I feel that I have got the full assurance and acute quality over other appliers that have ne’er experienced any labour environment. I have honesty, passion and unity for service occupations. I am advanced, dependable and trusty. I am a squad participant, and feel I will profit any administration. I have a sheepskin in concern and I am presently a 2nd twelvemonth pupil of concern disposal.

3.2. GAP Analysis

I think I have all the basic demands needed by the employer in connexion with highlighted occupations I will using to, despite all my making I feel I have some failing in the usage of some Microsoft package bundles like ; excel spreadsheet, mentality, publishing house. However I need to better my cognition in mathematics. Furthermore, I like being in the Centre of leading in any given undertaking which might be a job to my co-workers.

3.3. Covering missive and CV

View my CV and cover missive, which has been attached in the appendices at the terminal of this study.

3.4. Career Action Plan

I have thought about my programs for the hereafter. I am presently a 2nd twelvemonth analyzing a BA Hons Business Administration grade in which my major is human resources ; I will be making a 12 months work arrangement after my 2nd, to derive cognition and experience within my field of survey. During my arrangement I would go on larning by taking linguistic communication categories to in addition my employment chance in other states. My surveies will be completed in 2013. After 3rd twelvemonth.

After my graduation I will use for a occupation in legion administrations ( apart from the 1s mentioned above ) for a more opportunities of acquiring employed. Achieving all these set me on the right portion to win in life.

4. Decision

During my research for this study, I have equipped myself with good cognition on how graduate enlisting plants, which enabled me to detect other employment demand which I was n’t cognizant of. I have been able to place my points betterment in my abilities and accomplishments before my graduation. I have besides been exposed to how the tendencies in employment are altering. And the type of cognition and accomplishments I need to get before using for any employment place within my field of survey. As the service industrial sector is really competitory, I must be prepared before manus by betterment in failings to take any hinderance to my application.


Office of National Statistics ( 2010 ) Economic and Labour Market Review. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.statistics.gov.uk/downloads/theme_economy/EconReview_0210.pdf [ Accessed: 28th December, 2010 ]

Office of National Statistics ( 2000 ) The UK Service Sector. Avaible at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.statistics.gov.uk/downloads/theme_commerce/UK_Service_Sector.pdf [ Accessed: 28th December, 2010 ]

Serena, S. ( 2010 ) Individual Career Plan Definition. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.ehow.com/about_5606469_individual-career-plan-definition.html [ Accessed: 27th December, 2010 ]


Aon. ( 2010 ) Staff Development Officer. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //aonuk.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl [ Accessed: 29th December, 2010 ]

Whitbread. ( 2010 ) Food & A ; Beverage Manager – Hemel Hempstead. Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.whitbread.co.uk/whitbread/careers/jobssearch.html [ Accessed: 29th December,2010 ]

Zurich. ( 2010 ) Graduate Programmes. Avialable at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.zurich.co.uk/graduates/ourgraduateprogrammes/ourgraduateprogrammes.htm [ Accessed: 30th December, 2010 ]

7. Appendixs

7.1. Covering Letter

234 Bishops Rise



AL10 9QU

thirtieth December, 2010



Dear Sir/Madam,

I would wish to use for the arrangement vacancy of Gross saless Operationss, Market, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, After Gross saless, Logisticss, at hsbc bank plc, and have pleasure in enveloping my CV for your consideration.

As you will see from my CV, I have chosen to specialize in the country of Gross saless and Public Relations within my concern class. I feel that the place advertised will let me to construct upon the theoretical cognition I have gained at University, by offering a scope of practical experience. The concern industry holds a peculiar involvement for me, as it is a floaty, growing country with ambitious and varied chances. Hsbc bank, as a banking establishment, entreaties as I can place with the company doctrine of concentrating on excellence and high quality criterions.

I have extended experience in covering with client questions gained from my parttime occupation at Amity Hotels Ltd. Through pull offing the client question desk at the Cyber Cafe , I have developed first-class communicating accomplishments and am able to interact with persons on all degrees. This will guarantee my effectivity in covering with clients of hsbc bank.

The thought of working on particular undertakings strongly attracts me. I have first-class organizational accomplishments, gained from uniting survey with a parttime occupation. This will enable me to run into deadlines and complete undertakings expeditiously. University has allowed me to better my IT skills and I am now a competent user of Widows bundles. I understand this is an indispensable demand for the concern arrangement and hence my degree of I.T cognition will vouch I can accommodate my accomplishments to the function.

I would appreciate the chance to run into with you to discourse the vacancy and am available at anytime you find convenient.

Yours dependably,

Mr Chidi Duru

7.2. CV

Chidi Duru

Date of Birth: 21/08/1986

Home Address Abroad UK Home Address

Central Bank of Nigeria ( C.B.N ) Estate 1 234 Bishops Rise

Block D “ 15 ” Flat 106. Satellite Town Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Lagos State, Nigeria AL10 9QU

Mobile: +2348029598559 Home Number: 07767320381

Electronic mail: chidi_chris @ hotmail.co.uk

Educational Qualification

2010-Present University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Presently in 2nd twelvemonth of a three twelvemonth class analyzing BA ( HONS ) Business Administration

Current Faculties

Semester A Semester B

Principles of Operations Management A Quality and Risk Management

Labour Market Policy Business in Context 4 ( Globalisation )

Employment and Entrepreneurship A Managing Human Resources B

Business in Context 3 Cross Cultural Management

2008-2009 Hertfordshire International College of Business and Technology ( HIBT ) ( Diploma )

Consequences Grade

IT for Business A

Introduction to Business Law B

Principles of Marketing 1 C

Accounting Techniques D

Economicss D

Business Quantification D

2005-2006 University of Abuja, Abuja. Federal Capital Territory ( F.C.T ) Nigeria

Diploma in Computer Studies- PASSED

May/Jun 2004

Maiduguri International School. Maiduguri ( Educational Trust ) Borno State, Nigeria

West African Examination Council ( W.A.E.C ) PASSED


English Language







Agricultural Science

Jun/Jul 2004 National Examinations Council ( NECO ) PASSED


English Language







Agricultural Science


Feb 2007- Aug 2007 Amity Hotels Limited Cyber Cafe

Position: Network Administrator

Cardinal Duties:

Checking that the cyberspace worked, and to look into that

all the computing machines were in perfect status

Selling cyberspace user tickets

Jan 2009- Nov 2010 Royal Mail

Position: Warehouse Operative

Cardinal Duties:

Screening mails/letters, bundles, packages

Skills & A ; Interest

Computer Skills and Competences:

Proficiency in the usage of Internet and Microsoft Office

Related Skills:

Good communicating accomplishments ; willingness to get and use cognition quickly ; polite, difficult working.


Reading books, magazines/newspaper, watching films, listening to music, playing and watching football, shoping the Internet