Emily Assignment I believe that having effective business writing

Emily Navarro
MGT 210
Jan 23, 2018
Module 1 Assignment
I believe that having effective business writing skills are important because they reflect on you and the company you work for. When writing a business email, for example, you want others to understand what you’re trying to say. If you write using too much jargon and complicated text, it’ll confuse the reader and you will have to take more steps to get your point across. 
Another reason it’s important to have effective business writing skills is because people are usually careless in their writing when it comes to their writing due to deadlines and poor time management skills. When people rush to get out a document, they spend less time checking for grammar and content issues. Another error that’s made is people forget to consider their audience. You want to make your writing as plain and to the point as possible because it’s likely that various people will read it.
The benefits of plain English are endless. For example, when dealing with investors, The Plan English Handbook says, “companies that communicate successfully with their investors have stronger relationships with them” (Plain English Handbook). When investors know exactly what they are purchasing, they’re more likely to have a better sense about if they should hold or sell their investments (Plain English Handbook). Plus, investors can make better recommendations to their clients if they’re able to read and understand what they’re reading quickly and easily (Plain English Handbook). 
Knowing this, it’s clear to see that one way to increase your own success and your promotion potential in a business, is to increase your ability to speak and write in plain English. Many companies have made the switch to plain English to improve their business as a whole. These business’s see the value of communicating with their investors rather than sending them unclear documents. As we’re beginning to depend more and more on technology and the Internet, it’s easier to read plain English versions electronically than legalese (Plain English Handbook).