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Velasquez is a 26 year old American motivational speaker, author, and youtuber.
She was born with an extremely rare disease called
marfanoid-progeroid-lipodystrophy syndrome that among other symptoms prevents her from accumulating body fat and gaining
weight, because of those conditions she was bullied during her childhood. As of
now she weighs 62 pounds. It inspired her to take up motivational speaking. She
has to eat several times a day. Doctors told her parents that she wouldn’t be
able to talk or walk, but her parents proved them wrong, watching Lizzie grow up
to do pretty much everything others could do. Wherever she went people pointed
and stared. She would often cry at night. In middle school, she would look in
the mirror and wish she could wipe away her medical condition. She spoke to an elementary school
and had seen one of the girls crying in the audience during her speech. She
raised her hand and she was crying and she said, “I just want to say that
whenever you guys make fun of me about my ears, it really hurts my feelings.” lizzie
almost broke down seeing this girl. She just wanted to hug her, the teacher
looked at me she didn’t know what to say, this one boy who you could tell was
the troublemaker in the class looked at her and put his arm around her and
said, “I didn’t know that us making fun of you hurt your feelings. We’ll stop
doing it. Right, guys?” and the whole class started apologizing to her and all
she had to do was say they were hurting her feelings. She was brave enough to
say it, that moment has always, always stuck with me. One day lizzie came
across a YouTube video titled, “World’s Ugliest Person.” She clicked and saw it
was about her. She was shattered for days. She states “If I ever see that person who made the video I
would jump on them and give them the biggest hug in the world and tell them,
‘Thank you for bringing the best thing that has ever happened to me in my
life,’ she says. “That video changed everything and it has given me the
platform that I have now to be the voice for anyone who’s ever been bullied –
and not just myself.”  Lizzie
wanted to make a point for all those cyberbullies who didn’t even know her. She set goals: to write a book, be a motivational
speaker, to finish college, and have a family and a career. She has now
published three books and graduated from college. She is a very successful
motivational speaker. The film, “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez
Story,” debuted recently. Her revenge against all those mean bullies is to
succeed in life. knows it’s not easy
for any girl to be happy with her looks. “It wasn’t like turning on a
light switch and I automatically loved myself,” she says. She has a tip
for when you start feeling bad about yourself: If you think of something
negative, stop and remind yourself of something positive in your life. She got
into the routine of doing that a lot, and it made a huge difference, she says. She also states “You don’t have to live up to
anyone else’s standards. You don’t have to look like anyone else. You don’t
have to compare yourself to anyone else.” In fact, Lizzie has called her
disease “the greatest blessing of my life.” She had been dreading
that appointment just because you just don’t ever think you’ll get an answer,
and then you get a phone call and they’re like, “ok, we have an answer, come
get it.” Your whole world is going to change. Being in that meeting she said
just felt more empowered than scared. Because I was getting the answers. They’d been doing different
studies with her blood and stuff. All of that stuff she just didn’t understand.
She thought, you’re just not going to get it, because that’s what she was used
to for so many years. Her saying is ” I’m human, of course these things are
going to hurt, but I’m not going to let them define me.”