Effective communication Essay

Practicing effective communication skills in the workplace reduces the level of stress and rustication. Also, it creates a more positive atmosphere among employers and employees. To execute effective communication, you must use the preferred communication channels when dealing with different people of differing cultural background; this is called “Intercultural Communication” (Kelly, McGowan, Williams, 21 04, p. 125-126). There is a time to talk and a time to listen to what others have to say.

A few months ago while working, my manager suspected that I accidentally put up a wrong display price for a particular product that was on sale. A customer bought the merchandise, but the price came up wrong at the register. The customer made a complaint to the store manager about the wrong price being displayed; by her tone of voice, she seemed very upset. The store manager apologized for the inconvenience and said that the situation would be handled immediately. My department manager was upset after the store manager told him about the current situation, so he came and talked to me about it.

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At that time, I wasn’t sure about what I did wrong until he explained it to me. You could tell he was upset by his facial expression, but he still managed to maintain composure while talking to me. He invited me to his office to finish the conversation about what I did wrong. I think he did the right thing by talking to me in a private environment, away from the noise and distraction. He explained what did wrong, and how to correct my mistake the next time I try to make the price for display.

He was clear and concise while communicating with me in such a situation, which includes an unhappy customer. At the end of our conversation, I understood why the customer was upset. The manager maintained professionalism while communicating with me. He used preferred communication channels that make the communication effective. I perceived the communication to be effective mainly because he maintained eye contact throughout the entire conversation. Maintaining eye contact with me or anyone in a business environment, indicates integrity, trust, and respectful attention.

Another reason the communication was effective was his tone of voice. He spoke in a low pitch voice which encouraged me to listen carefully while he spoke (Kelly, McGowan, Williams, 2104, p. 126). Could interpret his message in the right way. We both played a role in active listening. We took turns to talk and listen to each other. It demonstrated a level of effective communication among the manager and me. Countermanding the importance of strong listening skills can benefit the grog. VT of the business, and develop a close relationship with customers, employers, and employees.

As result, the business has gained a loyal customer since the incident. We gave her the merchandise free, and a $25 gift card for the inconvenience of the wrong price displayed on the product. The customer was impressed with the way we handle the situation in a professional manner.