Education which they can choose to abuse. Power can


Education is of
great importance in a society, but is it enough to prevent totalitarianism?

Education gives more liberty in a societal setting
because individuals
no longer have a limited insight into what is really occurring in their
community. It can serve to increase power,
and it can serve to prevent abuse of power; Education is a tool. With proper
critical thinking, people are more likely to make effective decisions to
prevent disadvantageous political resolutions such as totalitarianism.

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is the outcome of an educated citizenry?

An educated citizenry can play a crucial role in ensuring
that power abuse is lessened.  When a ,,,, is able to determine for itself
that a government has exceeded the boundaries of public trust, those
individuals can recall or change their government. At the same time,
government might be able to confuse and confound even the most educated of
individuals when it colludes with other forces.

On the other hand,
education can give people power, which they can choose to abuse. 

Power can stem either from economic success or from
political success.  Education really helps get both of those things. In
most cases, educated people are much more likely to become successful than
uneducated people.