ECommerce Strategy Research Paper The ECommerce Essay

E-Commerce Strategy Essay, Research Paper

The E-Commerce Strategy

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Brian Uhrich

BACS 495

E-Comm Paper

We reached a clip in history which is extraordinary. The event that started it all is called the cyberspace. The Internet provides, advertisement, research, games, and e-commerce. I deciced to organize a e-commerce concern stragey. The new I.T. section called Web Cart is portion of a supermarket concatenation called Flaingeo Supermarket. It & # 8217 ; s a medium size company with 20,000 plus employees. It has 25 shops in 19 different provinces. The Colorado country has six in tube Denver and about three more in Colorado. Revenue generated is about 400,000 dollars a month. The IT section would be in charge of supplying electronic dealing via the Internet. Customers would hold the chance to buy food markets points and have so delivered to their place or pick them up pre-paid and sacked. All bringings and electronic minutess would be handled by the IT section. In add-on it would supply the web page design, care and support for all web systems needed for the new Web Cart section. The first measure is to get down local and expand subsequently. Below I will explicate the benefits, advantages and valitaty about e-commerce and present specific illustrations refering to online food market shopping. But first Lashkar-e-Taibas speak a small about the Internet and e-commerce.

The Internet provides information globally, so why non supply a merchandise or service can can be planetary. Why e-commerce you might inquire? Well, e-commerce is redefining the manner in which concern minutess are being done. E-commerce is merely one fuction of the cyberspace. E-commerce is the procedure of planing merchandises and services available on the cyberspace. The dealing is handled electronically, naming it electronic commercialism. I & # 8217 ; ll first start out by discoursing the Internet, what it is, how it works, and eventually the advantages of holding an e-commerce concern.

What is the Internet? The cyberspace is a method of pass oning and a beginning of information that is going the new frontior ( 1 ) . Well you can & # 8217 ; t truly see it but its at that place. Let me seek and explicate it in English. Imagine a immense spider web that ne’er stops turning, like the Universe. The same applies the to Internet. Now imagine at each intersection of the spider web is a computing machine. Now if each computing machine has a alone reference, merely like a street reference, so we & # 8217 ; ll be able to see them. Now vision each computing machine being able to entree ( travel ) to any reference ( web page ) in the wink of an oculus. Ok, its non that fast yet, more like a few secoonds. The cyberspace provides information globally, so why non supply a merchandise or service can can be globally.

The Internet is altering the manner we think, act and do concern. Now lets expression and some different types of elelctronic commercialism. is a large participant for online books, music and picture. There you can shop 1000s of books, hunt by rubric, writer, and even buy it with bringing to your front door. Now that & # 8217 ; s shopping. Suppose you want to make some research, your physician merely perscribed a new medicine to you. Now you could look it up in your perscription lexicon but I & # 8217 ; m sure that & # 8217 ; s a few old ages old. So to happen the information we & # 8217 ; ll need to buy a new book. We & # 8217 ; ll non if you have entree to a computing machine with internet entree. You & # 8217 ; ll happen dozenes of perscription

databases that you can seek, and happen the latest inforamtion about drug interaction and other specific information trailed to your drug. Yes, its all at that place, in the flash of an oculus, and a few chinks on the mouse.

Web Cart will to take two powerful engineerings and redefine food market shopping.twist. The Web Cart section will implement these tools discussed subsequently. Building any concern is about constructing relationships. You need to make an experince the 2nd person visits your web site. Second, offer something that keeps the client coming back Finally, supply fast, accurate and realiable service. Web Cart will make merely that. In add-on Web Cart will supply a service to a broad scope of clients and retail concern.

Harmonizing to a just-released Jupitor Communication study, ninty per centum of online shoppers said they were & # 8220 ; mostly satisfied & # 8221 ; with their 1999 vacation season experiences on the cyberspace ( 2 ) . However, the end is non about bring forthing impressive gross revenues Numberss, but rether about developing relationships with new clients and procuring long-run realtionships. Now some mega-sites such as offer attractive price reductions and hugh choices, but local cyberspace sites are wagering that clients are besides looking for convenience and rapid bringing. Last hebdomad eBay, Inc. launched a new country on its web sites called & # 8220 ; Go local. & # 8221 ; ( 3 ) . Remember that food market shopping is a hebdomadal occurance. And add to that a steady watercourse of loyle clients. Web Cart customes would entree the web page as normal and so snap on local and type in there zip codification or metropolis. Customer would make full out the shopping cart enrollment and have e-mail conformation and address proof. Online food market shopping will be the most telling trial tubing in the e-commerce industry. For illustration, on-line food market will precipitate the following evolutionary phase in e-commerce.

Where will the Internet be in 30 old ages. I believe all mechines, and mechine and places will be wired with Internet entree. Access velocities will greatly increase. Vision a place full fuctional Internet Wyrd place. Did you bury to turn the oven off? Check online in merely a few chinks. What to watch a digital film. Order it right through the Internet. Ha In decision, as the public image, gross revenues and volume addition Web Cart is certain to be a success. Everybody wins with Web Cart minutess, including the e-tailer, the online merchandiser and most of import the comsumer, who might merely acquire usage to convenience, possible nest eggs and that personalized relationship that localized online shopping has to offer.



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