Eating vegetables can provide the human body with many

Eating is an activity
that we humans have to do at least two times per day. In today society, we live
in a world where the food choices are so rich and we can choose to eat whatever
kind of food every day. Although there are many different choices, they are
divided into two main categories; fresh food and frozen food. Fresh food and
frozen food can be differentiated from each other in two simple ways, which is
their flavor and their cost. Today, our group prefers fresh food over the
frozen food. The reason we choose fresh food because the food is in the best
condition of its shelf life. When we look at fresh food, it is range from fresh
fruit to fresh seafood. Fresh foods are natural
and organic. Now, lets us look at the advantages that the fresh foods


For starters, we look
at the category of fresh fruits and vegetables. The benefits that come from
this category are that fresh fruit and fresh vegetables can provide the human body with many nutrients like vitamins and
minerals (Carly,
2011). Fresh vegetables and fruits are free from any kind of preservatives,
chemical compounds, food additives or even food coloring that is not good to
the human body when over consume (Kristin, 2017).
Fresh vegetables and fruits also provide fiber that is essential for the body (Carly, 2011).

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At the same time, the
fresh food is actually cheaper than
that frozen food. For example, with frozen food; people have to pay more due to
the benefit of convenience. Besides that, they can be bought almost anywhere, from
supermarket to normal sundry shop (Conner,
2011). There is no preparation and they can be used at any time. However, fresh
foods usually are available from wet market or from the farm. Fresh seafood
usually can be buy after the fishermen come back from their catching. Hence, we
can notice that fresh foods can be difficult to find and need to be prepared
before eating (Chef Good, 2013).


When we talk about the
taste of the food, fresh food tastes
better than the frozen food. Fresh food
comes from simple, seasoned well and good quality cooking. These benefits have
provide us with fresh tasty flavors and make the food becoming something truly
pleasurable (Chef Good, 2013). Even if a person is following a healthy meal
plan or having a weighing loss meal, fresh food can help these people. This is
because fresh food is rich will all kinds of important nutrients that the
body needs. You will feel like having a treat (The fresh food) rather than
a punishment. Fresh foods provide us with a great variety of tastes and
textures so that we can always find them fresh and enjoyable. Besides that,
fresh food also gives us a well-balanced mix of ingredients which serves in a
larger portion because of the delicious greens and vegetables (Donna, 2013).


The chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is found in many kinds of
plastic food packaging, such as water bottles, food storage containers, and
sealing wrap. Researchers also state that BPA can be use to line the inside of
food cans (Brenda, 2011). However, when we prepare and eat fresh food, we can
avoid from getting ourselves from exposing to this BPA. This is because fresh
food normally do not package or prepare with the existence of BPA. We can also
state that fresh food is also free from other harmful chemical substances as we
would not add any chemical to our food when we are preparing and cooking it.
Fruits and vegetables that are planted without any chemical fertilizer can also
help to promote the eating of fresh food.