Easy and Short Delivery Essay

Easy and Short Delivery


Easy and short bringing company it is a company like other companies that have a director, deputy manager, secretaries, histories and many staff work over it. As you can see from the company name the company has two different term each term explains what is the company tasks or benefits and at the same clip that two footings can non be separated from each other which is ( Easy and Short ) .

Easy mean that the company can do some installations to the clients that will assist them during the work hours and it will maintain their clip flexible.

Short term mean offer services to the client to keep their clip alternatively of blowing their clip during work hours in fast services.

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The company undertaking is to present repasts and drinks to the employees during the work hours to their place or office direct without any delay.customers have to choose the repast and drink from the bill of fare and the clients besides have to take the resturant or cafeteria that he brefer to hold a repast from it.All these informations and had entered before this services can be provided 24 hours per twenty-four hours,7 yearss in a hebdomad.

Supplying an easy services which is really easy to use and non easy in execution because it need or necessitate some tools like plans or systems to maintain and keep all clients information ‘s in the information base. Supply services at 100 % instead than supply merchandises to the clients. With easy and short company work and motion can be easier than earlier by supplying some sort of services that can come to your place or your office.


Easy and short bringing ‘s end is to keep a extremely well-thought-of repute, and derive the maximal figure of clients locally and globally. A good repute will assist us spread out and be confident in the coming 5 old ages. In add-on to enlargement, one of the major facets we should lodge to, is to be prompt in our bringings and besides maintain a storage of your clients information. The most of import thing is to hive away your client ‘s inside informations every bit good as their occupation locations in order to maintain in touch with them throughout the coming old ages. It is besides of import to non lose contact with any of them because you build upon your old clients.

Mission statement

Our mission is to supply our client repasts and drinks on a regular basis wherever the order took topographic point. We besides provide a choice of repasts and drinks from assorted sorts of eating houses. What we are chiefly concerned approximately is to salvage the client ‘s clip from sing eating houses and being delayed to work. On the other manus we besides prevent our clients from driving out of their office and cause traffic jams. This is besides related to endure the client would do it back to his office on clip and happen himself the same parking topographic point.

Goals and Objective

Merchandises /services this company will be offering:

1. why there is a demand for you to offers these merchandises and services ( if you are come ining a new market )

2. the competitory advantages of your merchandises or services ( if you are come ining an established market )

3. barriers / troubles in conveying the merchandises to the market

4. address the undermentioned issues as good:

The merchandises we offer differs from sea nutrient, meat pizza, pasta and fruits veggies and its Al fresh and immediately prepared specially for our costumier we besides offer different side dishes, ice pick, sweets and drinks.

More than 350+ points

For easy, time-saving repasts, No 1 can crush a visit from the Easy And Short Customer Service Manager. But aside from the obvious convenience factor, Easy And Short Delivery points are besides of exceptionally high quality.


With over 350 points, Easy and Short have something for every gustatory sensation. Our expansive merchandise lines – from appetisers to sweets, ice pick to finish repasts – assure that every member of the household will be satisfied.


All of Easy And Short points are made with restaurant-quality ingredients, and unlike other frozen nutrients, Easy And Short ‘s are brassy frozen and kept at a changeless temperature until it reaches your door to extinguish the freeze/thaw rhythms that can impact nutrient ‘s gustatory sensation.


All of Easy And Short Delivery points are easy prepared, and travel right from the deep-freeze to the microwave, oven or grill. Easy And Short Delivery besides feature ready to hand repast kits, and many points can be prepared under 30 proceedingss, and characteristic convenient packaging with single wrapped parts so that there ‘s no waste.

Ordering Made Simple

Easy And Short Delivery ‘s Home Service gives you three convenient ways to order. Order merchandises when it ‘s convenient for you and we ‘ll present them right to your door during your following regular halt.


You can order when it ‘s most convenient for you, 24 hours a twenty-four hours, 7 yearss a hebdomad on our private, unafraid web site.


Order straight from your Customer Service Manager when he visits your vicinity during your regular halt.

On The Telephone

Call, and speak to a friendly client service representative.

Home Sweet Home Delivery

Mealtime merely does n’t acquire any easier than when it ‘s delivered from Easy And Short Delivery ‘s Home Service. Your points will be brought right to your place by one of our friendly Customer Service Managers, dropped off at your door in one of our convenient deep-freeze bags if you ‘re non place, or shipped in a reclaimable, insulated ice chest packed with dry ice. All of which leaves you with more clip to concentrate on the more of import things in your life. Imagine that.

Payment Options

Items can be paid for online or at the door. For your convenience, Easy And Short Delivery accept Debit Card, hard currency, cheques, major recognition cards.

Prepared To Serve

Customer Service Managers have paid visits to households merely like yours, presenting delightful, easy-to-prepare repasts and friendly individualized service. Every two hebdomads we ‘ll halt by with your pick of over 350 restaurant-quality merchandises, all of which of course come with a 100 % quality warrant. We are invariably seeking for new ways to assist busy households enjoy mealtime together, and you ‘re assured of ever seeing this committedness reflected in the merchandises we create and the service we provide.

Many of these services, including nutritionary repast planning, are services you would usually anticipate to pay for. Easy And Short Delivery ‘s are happy to supply these services free of charge for Easy And Short Delivery ‘s clients ca n’t be any simpler. If you are non wholly satisfied with our epicure nutrient merchandises, you will be entitled to a refund or exchange, whichever you prefer. No 1 has a better satisfaction warrant than Easy And Fast Delivery

It is a warrant so good, you can anticipate you will ne’er hold to utilize it. From superior quality merchandises, Easy And Fast Delivery
will get the hang the accomplishment of presenting high quality gourmet nutrients to 100s of 1000s of households across The Middle East.

In rare cases, the Easy And Fast Delivery chefs may replace repasts that are temporarily out of stock in order to present your order every bit shortly as possible. Substitutions are made with repasts closely related to the repast of your pick. Meal Specialists are available to assist reply any inquiries, and assist you custom-make any nutrient order.

Food Delivery Market Analysis: –

This groundbreaking new Market information survey examines the quickly turning $ 800 million diet nutrient place bringing or “home meal replacement” market in the U.S. This is a niche section of the overall weight loss market appealing to the most flush dieters, that has grown quickly and attracted new rivals. NutriSystem and its heavy advertisement, coupled with demand from convenience seeking, time-pressed mas, executives, working twosomes, the aged and others, have fueled this growing.

Several twelve companies compete, and the figure is turning. Some ship nutrient nationally while others provide fresh day-to-day bringing to local markets such as New York City and Los Angeles.

The survey includes an analysis of: nature/structure of the market, cardinal demand factors, pricing, distribution & A ; franchising, how companies are formed and run, profitability/expense ratios, client demographics ( national, metropolis ) , market size ( 2005, 2006, 2010 prognosis ) , direction mentalities and sentiments of market growing and the competition.

21 Competitor Profiles provided for: NutriSystem, Jenny Direct, Medifast, Diet To Travel, Diet To Your Door, Atkins At Home, eDiets Express, Zone Chefs, Sunfare, Seattle Sutton ‘s Healthy Eating and many more ( reference, elaborate plan descriptions, monetary values, market mentalities, financials when available ) .

Research for the survey was based on primary research affecting usage Market data telephone studies of company direction.

* Why The Demand?

Some people would prefer to salvage their clip by passing some more charges on their breakfast, launch, or dinner repasts during their work or while they are at place so they can order nutrient online through a web site that provides them with all that they need and desire of different repasts and classs.

* How Diet Food Home Delivery Services Operate: fresh vs. frozen, day-to-day vs. hebdomadal bringing

Fresh and day-to-day prepared nutrient is the figure one pick all over its healthy fresh and new.

* How Diet Food Delivery Companies Are Formed, why some fail, start-up costs

Its non easy at all to organize such company because in such concern you are covering with different people from different nationalities and different gustatory sensations from around the universe everyone will hold his ain pick of nutrient and everyone got to be statisfied, and of class its non easy to satisy everyone plus the cost of the repast plus the charges should be counted carefully that you keep it the same quality with the same monetary values all the manner. Companies fail whether because they made monetary values higher than they started or they do n’t stay with the same quality.

* Number of Companies Offering The Service

There are many companies that compete to make the highest demand for the costumiers they supply.

Customer Demographics

visitants online dieter demographics, per centum that want information about diet nutrient bringing services, who want diet company nutrient, and who prefer a home-based diet plan

This new Market information survey examines the $ 1 billion diet nutrient place bringing or “home meal replacement” market in the U.S. This is a niche section of the overall weight loss market appealing to the most flush dieters, that has grown quickly and attracted new rivals. Research for this survey was based on primary research affecting usage Market data telephone studies of company direction.

Approximately 30 companies compete, and the figure is turning. Some ship nutrient nationally while others provide fresh day-to-day bringing to local markets such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Some Findingss about presenting nutrient industry …

* The mean monthly cost of a diet/healthy nutrient place bringing program is $ 726.

* We expect the market value to turn 3.7 % in 2009 and 12-13 % to 2012

* Most local day-to-day fresh nutrient services serve the LA and NYC markets and do n’t bring forth gross revenues higher than $ 1-5 million.

* Some services have been around 20+ old ages but the market took off in 2002-2003.

* 60-70 % of clients are female, and clients normally stay on program 8-12 hebdomads.

* Other than NutriSystem, most services do n’t publicize other than viva-voce.

* Potential clients range from the aged to college pupils, working Mas, time-pressed executives, famous persons, and yuppies looking for convenience.