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Dwight D. Eisenhower, or Ike, as he was often known as, was the 34th president of the United States of America. Many people know his name due to his presidency but that is not the only impressive thing he has done in his lifetime. He was the first Supreme Commander of NATO and a five-star general in the Army during WWII. He also made it the personal mission of his presidency to contain the expansion of the Soviet Union and to help the federal deficit. This man was also the first President to be restricted by the twenty-second amendment. As a side note for those not familiar with every amendment, the twenty-second, restricts how many times a person may be elected into presidency. Ike Eisenhower was truly a commander fit to lead our country.”Ike” was born October 14, 1890 to a poor family with seven children, him being the 3rd. His mother was a mennonite and a pacifist and it horrified her to have her son obtain an appointment to West Point Academy. He continued through his schooling and graduated in the middle of his class. While stationed in Texas as a second lieutenant, he met Mamie Doud, and married her in 1916. They had two children, Doud Dwight, who died of scarlet fever, and John. He was later to be deployed to Europe, however, he didn’t have the chance, as WWI ended before he was deployed. He was able to then get an appointment for Command and General Staff College, and after, served under Pleshing, and Macarthur, two prominent Generals.Soon after serving under Macarthur, WWII broke out and Eisenhower returned. During this time he received his first general’s star. After the Pearl Harbor attack, he was brought to Washington D.C. as a planning officer. After, he lead Operation Torch, which was the successful invasion of north Africa, then continuing he took to an amphibious means to take Italy and Sicily in 1943, leading to the fall of Rome in 1944.He was appointed to be the Supreme Commander of the AEF. Utilizing this launch of power, he controlled Operation Overlord, one of the bloodiest and most outstanding battles of WWII. He returned home a hero and became the president of New York’s Columbia university