Douglas self is not a human, but reveals that

Douglas Adams says, “The galaxy suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people but  because of the silence of the good people”. In the outstanding novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the world comes to and end due to the building of an intergalactic overpass, Arthur Dent, the main character, and Ford Prefect catch a ride with the Vogons and have the trip of their lives with some bumps along the way. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy shows how characters reveal their true selves because they find opportunities to come out of their shell.Ford Prefect is not the person Arthur thinks he is, as his true self is not a human, but reveals that he is an alien. Ford with Arthur in the bar knew that the world was going to end.  Arthur doesn’t know what’s going on until Ford says “six pints of bitter” said Ford Prefect ” and quickly please the world is about to end.” ( Adam’s 5 ) Ford clearly knows the world is about to end. But now Arthur is wondering until later in the novel when Ford tells him he is actually not from earth , but he is from outside of the earth . Ford was very smart not telling Arthur because Arthur would have freaked out and told the cops about Ford. The author is starting to describe the characteristics of Ford Prefect, such as his height, his weight, likes and dislikes when he continues with what he doesn’t understand about humans. One of the things Ford Prefect had always found hardest to understand about humans was their habit of continually stating and repeating the very, very obvious. They say things such as “It’s a nice day” or “You’re very tall” or “Oh dear you seem to have fallen down a thirty-foot well, are you alright?” ( Adam’s 21 )Ford comes out of his shell after he tells Arthur he’s an alien by pointing out the signs when they met . No person would try to shake hands with a car.  Then Arthur starts to realize Ford Prefect comes out of his shell when he tells Arthur that he has been giving him signs the whole time while he has been on earth. Arthur begins to realize these signs that Ford has been giving him. Ford had the courage to come out about being an alien and not being scared or embarrassed. Arthur thanks him for saving his life. In the end Ford Prefect leaks out that he is a alien to Arthur but helps the two on there hitchhiker’s adventure. Arthur Dent is the man who survived the end of the world leading to him being infacta hitchhiker in the middle of the galaxy. Arthur is in the Vogons space ship all confused and does not know what to do. How do you feel he asked him ” like a military academy pieces of me keep passing out” ( Adams 32 ) This quote is when Arthur is in the early stages of the book when he does not know what’s going on. As the book continues, Arthur begins to develop in to his true self. Mr Dent starts the book off as clueless of what’s going on in the galaxy. Once he meets Slartibartfast he begins to come out of his shell and speak about his opinion. Arthur the adventurous he is is going with Slartibartfast to see the second earth when he starts to realize how great Slartibartfast really is.”What a extraordinary person”. (Adams 103) When Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian and Ford leave Arthur, Arthur meets Slartibartfast and starts to understand the stuff that goes on in the galaxy. When he was first on the Vogons ship he seemed a little bit shy and was afraid to take risks, but as the book went along he started to understand what was happening and know his true self. Ultimately Arthur Dent, who is the main character and a hard worker looks up to one of the more interesting people in the book, Slartibartfast for advice to become who he is. When you need someone to talk to or someone resourceful the person to go to is Slartibartfast. Slartibartfast and Arthur are on their way to the underground area in Magrathea when Slartibartfast turned and regarded Arthur with his solemn old eyes and said “Earthman we are now deep in the heart of Magrathea.”(Adam’s 103) This quote is where it all started. Slartibartfast is a mysterious man, when he meets Arthur Dent but as the two continue to talk to each other Slartibartfast makes the decision that it is time to come clean and help a hitchhiker out. Slartibartfast shares his experiences with Arthur to help him find his way through the rest of his life in the galaxy. Arthur and Mr Slartibartfast are looking at Earth Mark Two, when he really spills the beans to Mr Dent. Well, the Earth Mark Two in fact is making a copy from our original blueprints. (Adams 108) The four main characters in this novel show the passion for adventure. When the four land where they want to go they ditch Arthur to find the supercomputer that will find the answer to life. But Arthur finds out secret information about the secretive planet of Magrathea. The answer to all his questions is Slartibartfast who releases classified information to him which ends up being very resourceful . In conclusion the mysterious old man shows his passion for his friends and his friends needs and helps them out when they are in trouble.when characters have an opportunity to show the real them they find strategies to do so. Whether there pretending to be something their not or trying to understand things, but as you learn you start to be more open. Even if their shy and timid they decide that at a point something needs to change and be the true person they are. The next time you try to hide what’s on the inside rember that the true person will come out eventually.