Do increase. Second reason is the rise of Big

Do you know the fund manager? A fund manager is
an asset management specialist who manages money, assets from individuals or
institutional investors, to the most efficient investment plan. Fund managers
mainly work in investment advisory companies, trust banks. Through their
expertise and know-how, they set up and operate the most efficient investment
plans to match the characteristics of assets under management. They also work
to return the profits to investors.


Now I’ll talk about why the fund manager is an
interesting and promising job.

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The first reason is the expansion of the
virtual money market. Do you know Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency? The origin of word
‘Cryptocurrency’ is the addition of word ‘Crypto-‘ which means ‘encryption’ in
IT industry and ‘currency’. We can think that virtual money market is similar
to stock market or foreign exchange market. As the virtual money market is a
new market, so it has a high profit rate, but it also has a high risk. The need
for a competent fund manager who can reduce high risk and achieve high returns
will increase.

Second reason is the rise of Big Data
Technology. Recently, an artificial intelligence (AI) fund manager and asset
manager, Robo-Advisor, appear in Economic industry. It is already under
examination at the Financial Supervisory Service in Korea. If the use of
‘Robo-Advisor’ is expanded, the value of an excellent fund manager will rise
accordingly. In addition, qualified fund managers and computer engineers,
physicist and engineers who can handle ‘Robo-Advisor’ will be able to
demonstrate great capabilities in the economic market.


In order to become an excellent fund manager,
you must have abilities to understand economic and external variables such as
exchange rates and prices. Also, you need analytical, forecasting, and decision
making ability to understand future market trends and operate assets well. Also,
to become a fund manager, you need knowledge of laws and regulations related to
financial investment, various investment techniques, risk management, and stock
analysis methods. This knowledge must be studied professionally in the relevant
departments of the university.

As a result, it is advantageous to graduate
from related departments of four-year colleges and universities such as business
administration, economics, and statistics, and to complete on-site training in
order to become a fund manager. In recent years, there have been a lot of
students from science and engineering departments due to the rise of Big Data
and AI technology.

Although you don’t want to be a fund manager, I
hope you will be interested in this field after reading my posts. Thank you.