Discussion examination of kids use of video games for


All the results were completely and perfectly matching with the data obtained through the academic resources. The results of the survey found a strong relationship between the video games and children unsociability.  It is the same results obtained from psychological studies conducted in world universities. Moreover, other psychologists all very the world proved the unpleasant unsociability of kids (McDonough, 2014).  Moreover, the academic psychology conference affirmed the fact that video games lead teens and young kids to more social isolation and inability to interact properly with the world around (Oyemi, et al. 2015).

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On the other hand, video games were also proved to be an important factor in the school academic declination with young students. That is because of the using of mobiles in schools. In addition, complaints of parents formed an important base for the examination of kids use of video games for more than three hours a day which in turn provided an important reason for the academic declination. The results obtained in this concern are perfectly matching with the results obtained by Wright on the effect of video games on the academic performance (Wright, 2011) in addition to the researchers of Weaver on the video games impact on GPA (Weaver, 2013).

The symptoms of mobile addiction and online gaming were an important point to examine. In the survey, there were three important symptoms of unsociability, obesity, and depression. The main symptom chosen by parents was unsociability. That is perfectly matching a Chinese study on the addiction of online gaming (Young, 2009).  However, the solutions provided in the survey were very traditional. Disconnecting interacting internet, withdrawing mobile phone and seeking punishment were the most usable. However, the problem was focused on the mobile phone according to the parent points of view (Conrad, 2017). Therefore, they selected that solution. If compared to the results obtained worldly, there would be a comma ground between both as world studies affirmed four types of solutions based on family efforts as a basic solution. In addition, the alternatives used by parents showed a good understanding of the importance of sports as a good activity that leverages kids’ mental and physical fitness.


Video games had a long way of development. Since the late 70s, they started to gain a firm control on the minds of teens, kids and also adults. However, that firm control had brought about a number of bad effects on some age groups in all societies around the world. However, the effect in the Saudi society was very clear. Many complaints of parents and schools were clearly heard about effects of video games on the students’ social behaviors. They have also other problems of academic achievements. Moreover, they faced challenges of many problems like isolation and obesity.

In fact, all complaints were true and authentic. According to the academic resources collected. The data obtained showed scientific researches that affirmed the negative implications of video games. Many researchers reported the psychological effects on adolescents. Social isolation and behavior disorders are the most apparent problems. Moreover, the survey proved that Saudi students are physically harmed through the high prevalence of obesity. Also, the academic resources described the symptoms of addiction. They provided some solutions that were affirmed by the results of the survey either individually or on the family level.

Video games are a real danger to kids, teens, and adults in the kingdom. The longtime elapsed on gaming could be usefully used in a different way. If parents were able to change their kids’ patterns of behavior, they will make great benefits. They will enhance the physical fitness of their kids. They also will sharpen the cultural skills of their kids. They will get their kids familiar with time management. Kids will be able to achieve good academic level.  Furthermore, they will obtain good social creatures that are able to effectively participate in all family works. They will be able to emotionally express their feelings.