Discussion Board Essay

He provided an example of how Oprah has single handedly changed lives, businesses, and product markets just by showing a egment on one of her television shows or on her television network. He then transitions to introducing Ellen and explains how she is being compared to Oprah. Joshua also discusses the research report which is what question 19. 7 is addressing. I also believe Joshua’s answer to question “b” was solid in response to providing advice to networks on how to “franchise” Ellen. Having someone so positive and upbeat makes them more marketable.

Ellen already has her own online store where you can buy anything from underwear, to water bottles, to teddy bears! She has already franchised herself and all networks need to do is air her show. Skerski says, From naive and apolitical groundbreaking actress, to frustrated and depleted political activist who wanted to make a difference, to, now, the domesticated day- time talk show host who just wants to make people laugh, Ellen DeGeneres provides a complex understanding of how she both contested and participated in her own tokenism. (p. 78) felt that Joshua’s piece lacked some explanation in response to the first question being asked. Question “a” asks us to discuss ther questions that should be addressed in the report. Instead of responding with questions, Joshua gives suggestions. We know that question “b” talks about the idea of “franchising’ Ellen, which is exactly what Joshua recommends the report talk about. I feel that his answer could have been more original. Additional questions that could be discussed in the report are as follows: What type of audience does Ellen bring in compared to Oprah? How many viewers used to watch Oprah and switched to Ellen?

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These two questions are important because it shows what demographic each show ttracts, that is, if there is even a target market for both shows since they both appeal to many different people. The second question would be helpful to see just how influential Ellen is and what kind of impact she is having on Oprah’s television ratings. By doing this, the report could appeal to more television networks and convince them to air Ellen’s show using statistics of her success. If a network’s demographic fits in with Ellen’s viewers, then it would obviously be wise for them air her television show.