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Dinosaur is the name of big nonextant reptilians of the Mesozoic Era, during which they were the dominant land animate beings on Earth. The term was proposed as a formal zoologic name in 1842 by the British anatomist Sir Richard Owen, in mention to big fossil castanetss unearthed in southern England. The assorted sorts of dinosaurs are classified in two formal classs, the orders Saurischia and Ornithischia, within the subclass Archosauria.

The first recorded dinosaur remains found consisted of a few dentitions and castanetss. They were discovered in 1882 in Sussex, England, by an English physician, Gideon Mantell, who named them iguanodon. About the same clip, other dodo dentitions and castanetss were found near Oxford, England, by Rev. William Buckland. These were named Megalosaurus. Thousands of specimens have since been discovered about worldwide.

Different types of dinosaurs varied greatly in signifier and size, and they were adapted for diverse home grounds. Their agencies of endurance can merely be identified from their dodo remains, and some designations are in difference. They ranged in weight from 4 to 6 lb. , in the instance of the compsognathus, and up to 160,000 lb. , in the instance of the brachiosaurus. Most dinosaurs were big, weighing more than 1,100 lb. , and few weighed less than 100 pound. Most were herbivores, but some saurischians were carnivorous. The bulk were quadrupedal but some ornithischians and all carnivores walked on their hind legs.

Always classified as reptilians, dinosaurs have traditionally been assumed to hold been reptilian in their physiology, inhuman, and poikilothermic. In recent old ages several different lines of grounds have been interpreted as bespeaking that dinosaurs may hold had warm blood and high rates of metamorphosis, comparable to birds and mammals. Evidence back uping this position includes unsloped position and passenger car ; mammallike microscopical construction of castanetss ; skeletal characteristics suggestive of high activity ; and specialized food-processing teethings and low ratios of dinosaurian marauders to feed animate beings, both proposing high nutrient demands. The grounds is non conclusive & # 8211 ; all the facts can be instead explained & # 8211 ; but some dinosaurs may hold been endothermal.

The generative agencies of most dinosaurs is as yet unknown. Fossil eggs, attributed

to one of the horned dinosaurs and a sauropod, have been discovered in Mongolia and France. Fragments that are presumed to be of dinosaur eggs have besides been found in Brazil, Portugal, Tanzania, and in the United States, Colorado, Montana, and Utah. In Montana, Utah, and Alberta, Canada, dodos of unhatched dinosaur eggs have been discovered. This grounds indicates egg-laying reproduction in dinosaurs, like most modern reptilians. A few scientists believe that some dinosaurs may hold given birth to populating immature, but no conclusive grounds has yet been found to back up this.

The two orders of dinosaurs are distinguished by legion characteristics, the most diagnostic being the agreement of the three castanetss of the pelvious. In saurischians, these castanetss were arranged in a triradiate form similar to that of modern crocodilians and lizards ; the term Saurischia means lizard hip. The ornithischian pelvic girdle was normally rectangular or tetraradiate ; hence the name, which means bird hip.

During the 140-million-year reign of the dinosaurs, many new assortments evolved and older sorts died out. Not all sorts became nonextant at one time ; but the last of the dinosaurs disappeared at the terminal of the Cretaceous. Many other carnal sorts died out at about the same clip, including the ichthyosaur, mosasour, plesiosaur, winging reptilian, and a assortment of lower being. What brought about such widespread extinction among so many different sorts of beings is non known ; it must, nevertheless, have involved major alterations in the environment. Their extinction has been attributed to many causes, including cosmic radiation, detonating supernova, global fluctuations in sea degree, acerb rain caused by volcanic activity, climatic alteration, and Continental impetus. Independent grounds indicates that sea degrees did autumn and temperatures dropped at the terminal of the Mesozoic Era, a clip when continents were floating apart and new mountain scopes were lifting. Although none of these conditions is likely to hold been entirely responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs, jointly they may hold been of import.

Whatever the cause, the dinosaurs are now gone. In a manner, nevertheless, they may stay. That is, many palaeontologists consider birds about surely to hold evolved from some little two-footed dinosaur during the Jurassic. If so, the kids of the dinosaurs still exist today.