Different Forms of Advertising Essay

One downside of viral advertising is that the clip cannot be cancelled by the originator even though it may later become inappropriate. Under-the-Radar Advertising such as stealth ads, new-site ads, ND alternative media are being used to address advertising clutter. These ads are covert, subtle messages in nontraditional, unexpected places. In my opinion, long-term use is questionable in part due to a 2007 Boston campaign that led to public outcry which ultimately cost the advertising parent company $2 million in restitution.

Product Placement whereby brand name products are placed in movie scripts (Vivian, 307) have been fairly expensive. In my opinion, product placement will most likely continue for the long-term as advertising research has found that a large percentage of people (around 0%) remember the product ads (Vivian, 309). Infomercials (a program length broadcast commercial) and ‘cine (a specialty single product or product line magazine as a print version of the infomercial) are advertisements that everyone recognizes as such.

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In my opinion, long term use will most likely continue as airtime is cheap at certain hours (Vivian, 31 0) making this an affordable medium. Buzz Advertising – New platforms include word of mouth buzzing, viral advertising, testimonials, and cell phone strategies. The word of mouth buzz advertising uses agents, popular persons with many contacts, to introduce a product.