Did food and battle purposes.The was used by ancient

Did you know todays crossbow still uses the same loading method just how  they did back in the BC’sThe invention of the crossbow made winning easy,that’s why the crossbow is used on the field.The china people crossbow was very useful to its aim and easiness, and most crossbows were made of brass and wood.Shooting a bow and arrow took a lot of training, but shooting a crossbow was easy because all you had to do was know how to aim and shoot.Crossbows are only  for short distances.The crossbow was a thought from the shortbow if you  had a short arrow and pulled it all the way back it gets on the handle which gave the idea of the crossbow.It is people think  that the first crossbow was created by the Europeans.The biggest crossbow was invented by the romans in 400 BC.Crossbows Were the most dangerous weapon back around the 6th and 5th centuries,they were dangerous because they could kill anyone in an instant.The chinese would use the crossbow for food and battle purposes.The was used by ancient  Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians,Americans,and Europeans.The ballista could shoot about 200 meters which kill a lot people.The crossbow was more powerful than the bow and arrow,the crossbow could fire a lot of bows at a time.The very first crossbow was created in asia.As the ballista was used more pope  banned the crossbow in 1096.The crossbow could kill  people faster than the which is why pope urban ll banned the crossbow.The repeating crossbow was was invented by a chinese man named zhuge liang.A crossbow was a weapon for shooting quarrels.That’s related to the shortbow that mounted crosswise near the end of a stocks.The chinese crossbow was invented in china from the idea of the longbow.The first repeating crossbow was found in a 4 century tomb in the hands of Lujiazui ,Hubei.The crossbow was the most on point from long distances.The part that held the string on the crossbow is called the nut.Most crossbows you had to put his/her foot in a slit then they would kneel down grab the string pull the string up to the trigger then slowly let it down.The crossbow was the first gun.