Despite to women taking matters into their own accounts,

all the public criticisms and disputes in regards to women taking matters into
their own accounts, is the issues that arise from a racial standpoint. Shoshana
Pollack, has made a clear point in moving beyond the victimization of women’s’
lives to actually understanding the conditions of what women have to live
through. Pollack has taken it upon herself to act as a conduit, to voice black
women who have been deemed “out of control” or are treatment prone. But the
argument of women’s questionable role in society is deeply rooted within the publics
core. Another example of rebellious deeds and pride is sourced from a strong
woman’s standpoint; claiming that culture, gender and race is

power is one of many key components to a feminist criminology. One must first understand
the relationship between gender roles and its functionality in society. Pride
and prejudice transcends humiliation and has been a reoccurring theme in
criminological research. (Albert Cohen, 1955). A clear example of prideful acts
over a range of feminist viewpoints are from what Margaret Shaw illustrates.
She claims that, the issue is not about women hating men, or recognizing
themselves as victims; but more so the fact that women need to be heard alongside
their consciousness.

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subject area of women’s history has increasingly gained acceptance and have
grown closer to the center of historical profession. Gender has been integrated
into some general history texts, courses and far more departments. Furthermore,
early 1970s Canada saw a crisis of production that paved the way to a
neo-liberal economic model (Ratner and McMullan, 1983). Neo-liberal economics
were concomitantly legitimated by a neo-conservative political ideology that
solidified a reactionary criminal justice system. It was also argued that
street crime was brought on by “permissive people victimizing decent citizens”.
Women in criminology struggled with watching activism for decades. Within this
time frame, the feminist project re-shifted towards politics of identity. In
addition, North American feminism has also decoupled culture from the political
economy just as neo-liberalism uprising.